Baccarat Strategies

Understand Baccarat Strategy to Beat the House

Learn the best baccarat strategy to help you come out on top when you play at NJ online casinos. Understand the pros and cons of each type of baccarat strategy to help you improve your game.

Find the Best Baccarat Strategy for You

Online Baccarat features simple rules and types of bets to play. In this game, playing cards have values that range from 0 to 9, and you aim to get a nine or close to it. When playing its RNG version, the player aims to bet on which hand has the best point. The game’s outcomes are random, but a baccarat strategy improves your chances. So please read our guide on the best online baccarat strategies in New Jersey casinos today!

Why should I use a baccarat betting strategy? 

Having a baccarat strategy in place is like having a plan for your business and protecting your money. With an online baccarat strategy, you can plan the amount of wager and the type of bets to play depending on the trend. Also, a baccarat strategy helps protect your bankroll.

Can one baccarat strategy ensure me a victory? 

In online Baccarat, the outcomes are random, and the casino always retains a house edge. Also, the game’s unique due to the 5% commission retained by the operator for the winning Banker’s bet. While the house always has the advantage, you can still improve your odds with the right strategy. Of course, a strategy does not guarantee that every hand is a winner, but it helps you enjoy the game more.

So… Why actually play using baccarat strategies? 

In online gambling, the casinos always retain a house edge. However, with your baccarat strategy, you can reduce the house edge and improve your chances of collecting a win. So, before you play in top NJ casinos, make sure to review all types of strategies for all kinds of players. With so many strategies out there, there’s undoubtedly one online baccarat strategy best for you.

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Learn the rules of baccarat and discover the system that works best for you

Most popular baccarat strategies 

You can find different types of baccarat strategies that appeal to other players. While they may vary in approach, all these strategies focus on the two main types of bets: the Player’s and Banker’s hands.

  1. The one-sided baccarat strategy 

Here’s a common strategy to use when playing online Baccarat: pick a bet and stick with it. For example, you can bet on the Banker’s hand in each round. In this baccarat betting strategy, you continue the trend and if you lose three in a row, stop. Then, wait until that bet wins again to continue your trend.

You have a 3 in 1 chance of winning Basic rulesStop-loss on a three-round losing streakNo Tie bet
  1.  The trend switch combat baccarat 

In Baccarat, there’s also a play to switch from one winning trend to the next. The Trend Switch approach calls for flat betting on a specific bet and after a two-round losing streak, you move to the other bet.

You can profit from two possible betting optionsLarger stop loss
Trendspotting requires patience 
  1.  Breaking the doubles strategy 

In this baccarat strategy, you are wagering the opposites, like Player-Banker-Player-Banker, until you earn a double streak, like Player-Player or Banker-Banker.

Follows the zigzag pattern Need to double down if you lose
  1.  Card counting in Baccarat? 

Card counting is a popular gambling strategy used in blackjack. The player pays attention to cards dealt on the table and keeps a running count in the card counting technique. Here, cards are assigned specific values; for example, Aces, 2s, and 3s get the point, and 4s add four points. If the cards are 5s, 7s, and 8s, deduct a point, and if your card is a 6, deduct two points. In card counting for blackjack, royals and 10s get zero. You can use this exciting blackjack strategy in your next baccarat game. When using this strategy, you’ll need to bet on the Player if the running count is +16 or choose the Banker if below.

You can track the card values as they appearOriginally designed for blackjack
Helps minimize the house edgeComplicated betting strategy
It’s a systematic way of setting your betsYou need to study and master this strategy
  1. 1-3-2-4 baccarat strategy 

 Beginners can also use the 1-2-3-4 betting strategy, where you increase your wager after a winning round. If you lose, go back to your initial bet.

Easy to followNo impact on the house edge
You can manage your losses effectivelyNot helpful to players who want to risk and win big

Which winning baccarat strategies should I choose? 

 You can find different types of baccarat strategies in real money play. These betting approaches vary on bets, rules to follow, and risk level. Your pick on the best method to use should depend on your bankroll and your skills and risk levels.

Best strategies for a beginnerBest strategies for a pro
1-2-3-4 Baccarat Strategy- Increase your wager on each winning roundCard Counting -You need to keep a running count of all dealt cards
One-Sided Baccarat Strategy- Decide on the Banker’s or Player’s bet and stick with this betTrend Switch- Watch out for a change in trends on the table

Baccarat strategies for beginners 

  • 1-2-3-4 Baccarat Strategy – Increase your bet after a win
  • One-Sided Baccarat Strategy– Back the Player or the Banker’s hand

Baccarat Strategies for advanced player 

  • Card Counting – Track the cards and keep a running count 
  • Trend Switch– Focus on the winning trend
  • Breaking the Doubles – Break the doubles by winning a Player-Player or Banker-Banker

In Baccarat…short- or long-term strategy? 

In Baccarat, you can use a short-term betting strategy if you’re a beginner and working with a smaller bankroll. But if you have a bigger budget with higher risk tolerance, then a long-term baccarat strategy is best for you. A perfect example of a long-term strategy is card counting which requires you to track the cards’ values and decide on a bet based on the current count. In both types of baccarat strategies, you’ll need to identify first a bankroll and stick with it.

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Baccarat tips to avoid general beginner mistakes

  1. Not knowing all the game’s rules, bet types and odds

 Understanding the rules, bets, and odds of winning is an essential first step when playing any casino game. It also helps if you can play it first in the free demo, so you’ll know how the game works. You can also visit our section for Baccarat Lingo to learn more.

  1. Not using a tested strategy for a specific baccarat variant

A tested baccarat strategy can help you plan your bankroll and the types of bets to play at a given time.

  1. Not picking up the most lucrative casino bonuses for Baccarat

Check out our casino reviews and comparisons of top bonuses and promotions for Baccarat.

Frequently Asked Questions

The choice of the best baccarat betting strategy ultimately depends on your playing level and the size of your bankroll.
While a baccarat strategy cannot guarantee your win every time you bet, its use can help lower the house edge and boost your odds of winning.
If you're a beginner, you can check out the One-Sided Baccarat strategy, where you pick a side and stick with it.