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Roulette is the iconic casino game, and now you can have that casino excitement in your back pocket or wherever you go! Our guide tell you all you need to know about online roulette: rules, strategies, and casino recommendations.

Play Roulette at these online casinos:

95 score
$1 025 Bonus
15x Wagering
- Freespins
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95 score
$2 000 Bonus
1x Wagering
- Freespins
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Golden Nugget
95 score
$1 000 Bonus
10x Wagering
200 Freespins
0x Wagering
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Hard Rock
94 score
$1 000 Bonus
15x Wagering
50 Low Wager Spins
5x Wagering
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94 score
$1 500 Bonus
10x Wagering
100 Freespins
0x Wagering
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94 score
$200 Bonus
25x Wagering
- Freespins
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888 Casino
92 score
$520 Bonus
30x Wagering
- Freespins
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92 score
$1 000 Bonus
30x Wagering
- Freespins
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91 score
$500 Bonus
10x Wagering
- Freespins
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Borgata Online
91 score
$1 020 Bonus
15x Wagering
- Freespins
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91 score
$2 000 Bonus
15x Wagering
- Freespins
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Virgin Casino
91 score
$100 Bonus
1x Wagering
- Freespins
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Ocean Online Casino
90 score
$1 200 Bonus
25x Wagering
- Freespins
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Caesars Casino
88 score
$2 000 Bonus
20x Wagering
- Freespins
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86 score
$100 Bonus
4x Wagering
100 Freespins
4x Wagering
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83 score
$1 000 Bonus
20x Wagering
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Wheel of Fortune Casino
69 score
$2 525 Bonus
- Freespins
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Casinos are considered incomplete without offering at least one variant of the roulette game. Roulette is now available online and playable in different variants, a popular attraction in physical casinos.

Whether you are looking for the European or American version or want the thrill of the live dealer format, the best casinos in New Jersey deliver these to you!

Online Roulette Real Money VS Online Roulette for free?

In New Jersey casinos, players will find a wide range of roulette games in different formats and variants. A quick look at their portfolios reveals the most played games, such as the American Roulette, French Roulette, and the European Roulette.

Blazing Roulette at Draft Kings
Blazing Roulette at Draft Kings

Aside from these variations, casinos also give players the option to play the game for either a free demo or real money. Each playing mode offers you a set of benefits, so we recommend comparing both before you start.

What is online roulette? 

Playing Roulette online is a thrilling casino game. The game generally has two components: a wheel with segments for numbers 0-36 and a betting table. Online casinos now offer a virtual game version with a spinning wheel and a moving roulette ball.

You gamble on the outcome of the online roulette wheel spin. If the roulette ball lands in your bet segment, you win.

You can gamble on winning the number 24 or the ball landing on a red piece. If it happens, you get a prize.

Playing online casino - Roulette
Want to play Online Roulette? Here is how!

Advantages of playing Online Roulette with real money 

At NJ casinos, you can enjoy the real-money versions of online Roulette. Here are the top reasons why you should play Roulette online for real money:

  • Earn cash prizes from your winning bets
  • Collect casino bonuses like welcome bonus and deposit bonus
  • Exciting and challenging to play
  • Chance to join roulette tournaments

Playing Roulette using real money also comes with a problem:

  • You can lose your money or the rest of the bankroll

Advantages of playing Online Roulette for Free 

One of the best services of top casinos is the availability of games in a free demo. You can also enjoy Roulette online for free and enjoy the following benefits:

  • There is no need to deposit money
  • Try and enjoy different roulette game variants
  • Try some betting strategies in online roulette

Playing the game using free credits is fun, but it also has some drawbacks:

  • Players cannot collect bonuses and real money prizes
  • There is no challenge in the game

What Are the Best Roulette Online Casinos in New Jersey? 

Roulette games are widely available in New Jersey casinos, and most of these are offered by top software vendors like Microgaming, Evolution, and Playtech.

These designers deliver roulette games in exciting formats like French and European, with an option to play it in live dealer format.

Basic Roulette
Play Basic Roulette online in NJ

With so many options available, it is always best to check the different sites, their forms, and the quality of casino bonuses and promotions. Do not forget the reputation and reliability of the websites before signing up.

If you are planning to play, check out the top NJ casinos:

  1. BetMGM
  2. Unibet Casino
  3. 888 Casino
  4. Betway Casino
  5. Draft Kings Casino

Is Online Roulette Safe to Play? 


Aside from the diversity of roulette games to play, it would help if you also considered the game’s security and transparency of results.

As a player, you want an online roulette game that always offers fair and transparent outcomes as a player. Play the game on a safe website that uses advanced SSL encryption to ensure fairness. Also, check if the casino uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) randomly audited by a third party.

Is it Legal to play roulette online in New Jersey? 

The state of New Jersey offers permissive gambling laws. State laws allow many forms of gambling, including online Roulette, and this is available to residents who are at least 21 years of age.

Why play Online Roulette? 

Roulette games are familiar offerings in top casinos. These classic table games are available in different variations with easy-to-understand bets and betting rules. Aside from easy gameplay, Roulette is recommended, thanks to its friendly house edge.

If you stick with even-money bets like red/black or odd/even, you have a 50% chance of winning. Finally, many casinos today offer exciting bonuses and promotions that you can use on online roulette games.

Roulette Online vs Landbased Casino

Advantages of play Online Roulette vs. Roulette in Landbased Casino

AdvantagesOnline RouletteLandbased Casino
Play at homeEasy and convenient. Just Log in to your favorite online casino.It would help if you were worried about gas expenses + time expenses + parking time, etc…
Bonus Top casinos in NJ offer you different types of bonuses and promotions. There is even a chance to join a tournament.The base game, as always
Bet SizeRoulette betting tables feature a more comprehensive betting range, including VIP tables.Fixed and higher bet sizes
Wide formats varietyOnline casinos for NJ players offer a wide range of roulette games variants to play. Most casinos also boast a live casino.Only the classic roulette format 
Control of the gameYou can stop your game when you want, mute the sound, increase the speed.The same game experience for all players

Online casinos offer more excitement and rewarding gaming experiences. An online casino account allows you access to popular software manufacturers’ roulette game versions. You can enjoy famous variations and play against a live dealer.

As well as increased control and flexibility. You may play the games on your smartphone or anywhere else. Roulette incentives can also help players improve their bankrolls.

Online Roulette Types 

European Roulette 

European Roulette 

European Roulette features a friendly house edge of just 2.7%, making it the most recommended variant. You can find 37 different positions in the wheel on which you can wager. There are slots for numbers from 0 to 36 and another for ‘0’.

American Roulette 


This is the roulette variant that became popular in the United States. American Roulette is based on the traditional roulette layout with one difference- it adds another segment for ’00’. With this slight change, the house increases to more than 5%.

French Roulette 

French Roulette 

French Roulette also follows the standard rules of the game and layout. But this variant offers two special powers-the “La Partage” and the “En Prison.” These two rules apply to even-money bets n the game, like red/black or odd/even.

Live Roulette vs Online Roulette 

Live RouletteExciting to play since it happens in real=timeSchedule varies (Depends on the game)
Slower games (you must wait until all the players bet)Interaction and play with other players
Virtual RouletteFast games with different modes Not interaction with the dealer
Possibility of mixed formats (as bingo roulette, roulette slots, etc.)Not interaction with other players
More visually stunning gamesSome of them has old technology

Live Roulette Games 

There is also an option to play the game against a human dealer in real-time in NJ casinos. A live roulette casino relies on multiple cameras to capture the action in a studio and stream this to the player’s preferred device. In New Jersey casinos, these are the most popular live dealer games to try:

  • Live American Roulette
  • Live European Roulette
  • Live French Roulette

Virtual Online Roulette Games 

Virtual roulette games let players enjoy the game against software that runs using an RNG. Some of the best virtual online roulette games to try are:

  • American Roulette
  • European Roulette
  • Speed Roulette

6 tips to learn how to win on online roulette 

Roulette is an exciting casino game that relies on a random number generator (RNG) to produce results. This means that the results are random, and there is no way the person can predict the outcome of the next spin.

American Roulette vs European
American Roulette vs European Roulette

The results may be unexpected, but there are some tips that you can follow to improve your results.

  1. Learn Basic Rules, Side Bets and Payouts

Please do not start a roulette game without understanding its basic rules, side bets, and payouts. There are more than a dozen bets here, and they feature different payouts and odds of winnings.

  1. Know all roulette Betting Strategies

Planning a betting strategy in Roulette also helps. Two of the more popular betting strategies are the D’ Alembert and the Martingale. You can decide on what and how to bet after a loss or win with these strategies.

  1. Plan your budget and your time

Before you start playing Roulette in actual money, there should always be a plan. The budget is any amount that you can afford to lose.

  1. Read our game & casino reviews

It also helps if you know the differences between the roulette games variants and the top NJ casinos that offer these games. You can read our game and casino reviews on this website to learn more.

  1. Practice for free

Playing roulette games in a free demo lets, you sample the game and explore its features. Some of the top casino brands, like BetMGM and Unibet, offer these roulette games in the free demo.

  1. Watch streamers to discover new tips

You can learn some tips and betting strategies by following popular Twitch streamers. Twitch is a social media and streaming site where users stream their casino activities.

For example, you can follow the Twitch accounts of Casino Daddy and m0e_tv for tips.

  1. Learn the lingo

Knowing the lingo and other terms used in online Roulette can help you understand the game. Look at the table below for the top times in Roulette.

PocketsThis refers to the different sections on the wheel on which you can bet.
ZeroAvailable on both the European and the American Roulette.
Double ZeroThis is an extra slot on the American Roulette layout
LayoutIt refers to the arrangement of numbers on the wheel
Even moneyThis is a general type of bet that pays 1 to 1, like odd/even
Straight-up betA wager on a single number
MarkerThis is the apparatus used by the croupier to mark the winning number.

How does Online roulette work? 

Roulette games feature a wheel, a betting table, and the spun roulette ball to generate the winning results. The player’s job is to wager on the outcome of this spin. In Roulette, a player can put his money on different bets, each with different payouts and odds.

Roulette Rules and Bet types 

If you are playing online Roulette for the first time, you should review the guidelines on the most popular bets below.

  • Straight Up.  You are wagering on a single number, like 2 or 5.
  • Split. A wager on two numbers.
  • Street / Row.  You put the chips on a row with three numbers. 
  •  Trio. A wager on three numbers with the inclusion of 0.
  • Corner / Quad. A wager on four numbers.
  • Double Street.  A wager on two rows or six numbers.
  • Basket / First Five. You are betting on five numbers.
  • Even / Odd. You are betting that the outcome is even or odd.
  •  Red or Black. You are betting that the outcome of the bet is black or red.
  • High 18. A wager that the result falls in the 19 to 36 range.
  • Low 18. A wager that the result falls in the 1 to 18 range of numbers.
  • Column. Betting on 12 numbers from the same column.
  • Dozens. A wager on one of the three dozen betting options on the table.
  • Announced/Call Bets. The player announces his bets.
  • Final Bet. You are wagering that the resulting numbers end in the same digit.
  •  Full Complete/Complete/Maximum Bet. A bet covering all inside bets of a particular number.

How is the game of online roulette made? 

Online Roulette is based on the design and layout of the traditional roulette table found in top casinos. Today’s top online roulette games are designed by Microgaming, Playtech, and Evolution Gaming.

  1. Microgaming: The company is one of the first designers of online casino software. Its roulette games offer exciting features like 3D and special bets.
  2. Playtech: This is another well-known casino game designer that develops premium roulette games.
  3. Evolution: When it comes to live dealer roulette, Evolution is considered the leader. It is the supplier of top titles like Lightning Roulette and Double Ball Roulette.

Play Roulette on mobile 

Betway $1,000 casino bonus banner
Betway $1,000 casino bonus banner

Like other casino games, roulette games are also playable on your mobile phone. To enjoy these games on mobile, you can either download and install the casino app, or you can directly access the page from your phone’s browser. A mobile casino app allows you to play games, deposit funds, and request funds anywhere.

Try these NJ online casino apps if you want to enjoy the convenience the next time you play:

  • 888 Casino app
  • Betway app


Online Roulette is an exciting casino game that combines thrilling graphics, easy gameplay, and a friendly house edge. Also, the leading casinos in New Jersey today feature a wide range of variants.

Whether you want to play the excellent payouts of the European variant or the excitement of a live dealer version, you can easily find a suitable roulette game in these NJ casinos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bet your safest bets, which are the even-money bets: Odd/Even, Black/Red, and 1-18/19-36. There are a number of strategies, including the Martingale and Fibonacci. None are 100% safe. The safest strategy is to start ahead of the house with a good casino bonus.
No. Softwares use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to ensure fair play. Additionally, every legal online casino operating from New Jersey must obey New Jersey state laws. Online roulette games are regulated by the Division of Gaming Enforcement.
Golden Nugget, 888, and SugarHouse all have grand live online roulette.
You can find several types of bets to play in roulette games and they offer different payouts and odds of winning. For example, you can bet on a color, single number, high or low, or put your money on a group of numbers.