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The Best And Safest Payment Methods in New Jersey

To play your favorite online casino games and claim your welcome bonus, you must first register for an account and make a deposit. In this comprehensive guide, our team of experts will let you know what to consider before depositing. For the safest and speediest payment methods in New Jersey, read on!

Are all casino payment methods secure?

Our top-rated online casinos take them all from credit cards to debit cards and e-wallets. exclusively reviews safe online casinos. It is a well-known fact that the New Jersey Gambling Commission regulates and regulates.

We want you to feel safe making your initial deposit or withdrawing a significant profit.

What is an online casino payment method?

Customers employ payment options to pay for online casino services, make deposits, and withdraw winnings. All licensed casino operators accept various payment methods, and all transactions occur within the casino. A regulated casino and a safe payment method are required when playing online.

2 reasons why online casino payment methods are safe

Safe as a service:

Depositing money at an online casino in New Jersey has never been easier. There’s a good possibility that your favorite Garden State online casino offers your favorite casino deposit methods.

As such, we have collected a list of the most popular online casino payment choices and withdrawal methods in New Jersey to help you get your money fast and easily:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • PayNearME
  • PayPal
  • Skrill

Safety-net for the player:

Most casinos accept various payment methods, allowing you to use the same way for regular transactions or a separate one for gaming. Separating gaming expenses from daily expenses gives you more control over your gambling time and money.

Many transactions provide many payment options. Contrary to popular belief, all casino transactions must be performed the same way.

Also, professional gamblers can utilize their credit or visa cards to deposit because they are placing larger bets. In the beginning, new players should make minor PayPal deposits and more significant amounts using other ways. Always be safe!

Check the best payment methods in New Jersey

Here is a handy list of the most common payment methods for New Jersey online casinos.

Payment MethodTypeAverage Deposit TimeAverage Withdrawal Time
Credit/Debit CardCredit / Debit CardImmediate2-5 days
PayNearMeOnlineImmediate2-5 days 
Play +AppImmediate2-5 days 
Apple PayAppImmediate2-5 days
Wire TransferBank1-2 days2-5 days
PayPalApp24 Hours2-5 days 
Online BankingOnline Banking1-2 days2-5 days
ACH/e-CheckAppImmediate2-5 days 

Discover the different types of payment methods

As you see in the table, players can use many different payment methods at New Jersey online casinos.

However, you’re not limited to just those. Below are more payment methods that you can use and the details behind them, along with a payment methods list of options that are most popular for their speed, security, and ease of use:

Debit & Credit cards

Due to their speed and security, debit and credit cards are the most popular online casino payment method.

Most NJ online betting sites accept Visa and Mastercard, as some credit card issuers still deny casino deposits. Credit and debit cards are easy ways to fund online gambling accounts.

Players can readily deposit funds into their NJ online betting accounts as long as they have sufficient credit. Different banks have different policies and fees, so it’s essential to check before using this approach.

  • Visa – Visa is the most widely accepted credit and debit card payment method by online casinos. A deposit, like most cards, enters your casino account quickly. Players also enjoy the added security of Visa Secure.
  • MasterCard – MasterCard is solely for casino deposits. If the company does not accept withdrawals, you may need to find another solution. MasterCard is a safe deposit option with fast deposit speeds and SecureCode technology.
  • American Express – American Express is less generally accepted than Visa and MasterCard. Similarly, several of the best online casinos accept American Express. Keep in mind that the company rarely accepts withdrawals. American Express offers SafeKey technology for extra security.


While cryptocurrency has become a popular form of payment as internet users seek anonymity in their prices, they are not accepted by any New Jersey online casinos.


E-wallet deposits are often instantaneous, allowing players to create an account and get up and running in no time. But perhaps what makes e-wallet use stand out the most is that their withdrawals tend to be faster than other payment methods.

  • Skrill – Skrill is a digital payment service built for online gaming. It is allowed by most popular online betting sites, allowing gamers to deposit and withdraw funds safely. Players can link their bank and credit card accounts to Skrill to make payments. These casinos accept Skrill:
    • Bet365
    • BetAmerica
    • Betfair
    • BetMGM
    • BetRivers
    • Fox Bet
    • PartyCasino
    • PokerStars
    • Tropicana Atlantic City
    • Virgin Online
    • William Hill
  • Neteller – Neteller is becoming a popular choice of e-wallets for players making deposits and withdrawals into their NJ online betting accounts by allowing secure transactions with the ease of linking a Discover card to the customer’s betting account. Casinos that accept Neteller include:
    • BetMGM
    • Borgata
    • BetRivers
    • Caesars Casino
    • Fox Bet
    • Hard Rock
    • PartyCasino
    • Scores Casino
    • Virgin Online

Payments with Instant E-Check (ACH)

Players can directly connect their banking account for payments to their betting accounts and make deposits and withdrawals with e-checks. The ACH method goes through instantly, and funds can be transferred between these two accounts safely and securely.

You need to provide the following information, and e-checks will work seamlessly.

  • Bank’s name
  • Routing number
  • Bank account city

This transaction method includes prompt turnaround time, even if the amount is not yet deducted from the customer’s checking account balance. There is a high acceptance rate with this method.

Almost all NJ online casinos accept instant e-checks for depositing and withdrawing funds.

Mobile Apps

While online casinos are continuously adopting new payment methods to accommodate wider audiences’ needs, no NJ casinos accept mobile applications as payment methods.

  • Venmo- By far the most popular mobile payment application, Venmo is not accepted at any NJ online casinos. However, since PayPal owns Venmo, there is a chance this could change in the future.

Bank Transfers

  • Bank transfers – For those who don’t frequent the casinos in Atlantic City and prefer to make payments online, there is the option of directly transferring money from a bank account to an online betting account.
    • The benefit of making payments this way is that customers do not have to share their personal banking details with the NJ online betting sites. Online banking transfers are made in online bill payment services and are accepted through most sites.
  • Wire transfers – Bank wire transfers are available to fund NJ online gambling accounts. Those who do not feel comfortable sharing bank details usually use wire transfers. This can also be useful if a player wishes to make a substantial deposit into an account. The cons of using this method include certain fees and sometimes very long processing times.

Prepaid Cards and Vouchers

Prepaid cards are a great way to pay at casinos. Online casinos in NJ sell branded cards. Cash or Mastercard can fund the cards.

If you win, you can use these cards at ATMs. The prepaid card can be used immediately, as the actual card is not required.

Without depositing funds, these cards can pay and withdraw money. It’s no wonder that these are the most popular. But the branded card isn’t perfect. Restrictions on deposits and lengthy steps

It’s a $10,000 monthly cap. The cards can only be used at the casino where they were purchased.

A payment method that suit your style

If you lack patience, you may want to opt for a faster withdrawal method; however, if you anticipate many bets and large winnings, you may opt for a withdrawal method with a higher maximum limit.

How to deposit in any casino site

Depositing options are plentiful for online casino players in NJ. These range from using PayPal to make a payment to receiving a physical check for your withdrawal.

It’s essential to check with your casino to ensure that you can use a payment method. Here, our team has provided you with a step-by-step guide for making a deposit and withdrawing your winnings at online casinos:

How to place a deposit

1. Go to the Cashier page

2. Select your payment method

3. Enter the amount to be deposited

4. Review details and confirm the transaction

How to withdraw

1. Go to the Cashier page

2. Select your withdrawal method

3. Enter the amount to be withdrawn

4. Review details and confirm the transaction

Please note: Players should allow 3-5 business days on withdrawal transactions dependent on their chosen payment method.

5 tips on withdrawing your online casino wins

  1. Be aware of the possible penalties.

It would help if you were very careful about which bank you use, as the bank, not the casino, usually makes the extra charges. When you withdraw a large amount of money from your bank account, the fees will be higher or lower.

  • 2. Observe the withdrawal restrictions.

Customers often overlook deposit and withdrawal limits.

  • 3. Remember that you must be the account holder.

It may appear to be a joke, but it is not. Many customers fail to realize that the person making the purchase must be the same person who owns the account they’re using. Even if you’re related to the person, do not use their credit card.

  • 4.Use the same credit card holder’s name to sign up for a casino account.

Using a different name from your bank account can cause issues at some casinos. For instance, you might be Mike Aniston in your casino account but Lisa Wilson in your PayPal. It’s better to use your real name as your casino’s name rather than a pseudonym.

  • 5. Enjoy the money you’ve won at the casino!

Have fun with your winnings, and don’t hesitate to contact the casino’s customer support team if you run into any issues. Oh! Just one more thing…remember to keep an eye on gambling winnings tax… To learn more, see the details in the following section!

Be aware about Gambling winnings tax in New Jersey

According to the state’s lottery rules, a 5 percent withholding rate applies to New Jersey Lottery winners between $10,000 and $500,000, while an 8 percent withholding rate applies to awards beyond $500,000. The amount of any Lottery winnings above $10,000 that the claimant does not claim because the claimant does not have a valid Taxpayer Identification Number will be increased by 8 percent.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best NJ online casinos offer a wide range of payment choices. Credit/Debit Cards and ACH Bank Transfers are the most common payment methods.
The best NJ online casinos give their customers a wide range of payment choices to select from. The most widely used payment methods are credit/debit cards and electronic funds transfers (ACH). Today many casinos offer PayPal as a simple, easy, and fast option.
Yes. Government agencies keep an eye on and oversee all authorized NJ online casinos to guarantee that all personal and financial information is kept secure at all times. As a result, playing at an illegal or offshore online casino is something we strongly discourage.