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Play like a pro by mastering the baccarat rules

Baccarat is a popular game in Hollywood films. This card game is simple to learn and play, with attractive bets. It's no surprise that it's a popular game at most casinos. But, before you go all in, learn the baccarat regulations, bets, and winning strategies.

Best Casinos For Baccarat

Players must be 21 years or older to gamble online.
Responsible gambling applies

Golden Nugget

95 score
$1 000 Bonus
10x Wagering
200 Freespins
0x Wagering
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95 score
$1 025 Bonus
15x Wagering
- Freespins
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91 score
$2 025 Bonus
10x Wagering
- Freespins
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Once considered among the most popular card games, baccarat has returned to New Jersey online casinos. In this comprehensive guide, our experts will explain the rules, different ways to play the game, and where to find the best baccarat games in New Jersey.

Online Baccarat Real Money vs. Baccarat online free 

There are two ways to play online baccarat right now: you can play it for real money or try its free demo version. Each option has its perks and limitations, and your choice depends on your objective. 

What is online Baccarat? 

Baccarat is a classic card banking game where you bet on three potential outcomes—the player, the banker, or a tie. Simply put, you’re betting which hand has the best value. While the rules are simple, there are plenty of betting laws and jargon to learn and master. Also, there are several baccarat variants available that make each round colorful.

Advantages of playing Online Baccarat with real money 

Playing online baccarat for real money has its many perks. Let’s check some of the benefits that a player enjoys when playing for real money:

  • The game is more exciting since there’s a chance to win real money
  • Players can benefit from bespoke bonuses like bonus money or cashback
  • Chance to win a jackpot

There are a few cons, too, if you play using your real money:

  • There’s a chance that you’ll lose your money
  • It can be intimidating at first, especially if you don’t know the basics
Big Table Baccarat, infographic
Learn how to play Baccarat here at NJ casinos

Advantages of playing Online Baccarat for Free 

For many players, the free demo version of online Baccarat is the best for a few reasons:

  • No need to risk your bankroll
  • You can try a baccarat game for free and get experience
  • You can safely try some baccarat betting strategies without worrying about the money

But if you play using free credits, you can expect a few cons, too:

  • There’s no chance to win real money
  • It can be tedious since there’s no thrill

What Are the Best Baccarat Online Casinos in New Jersey?

Baccarat is a classic table game offered in most casinos. So, how do you pick the right casino? You can compare sites based on a few factors. For example, you can go to casinos with a wide range of baccarat games, both in live and RG formats.

Also, consider casinos that support a mobile app and accept a wide range of banking options, Bitcoin and cryptos included.

List of top 5 Casinos to play Baccarat in:

  1. Betway Casino
  2. 888 Casino
  3. BetMGM Casino
  4. DraftKings Casino
  5. Unibet Casino

Is Online Baccarat Safe to Play? 

Playing online Baccarat is safe thanks to the efforts of many operators to create a private and reliable gambling platform. Casino operators today are licensed and work with independent auditors to ensure the fairness and randomness of game results.

Is it Legal to play Baccarat online in New Jersey? 

Yes, playing casino games like Baccarat online is legal for US players. The presence of a remote gambling license from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement allows a bettor to complete payments quickly and securely.

We only cover and review legal and licensed casinos on this page. So, when you pick from our list, you can always count on reliable and transparent results.

Is Online Baccarat Fair? 

Online baccarat games are fair because they run on solid math and a Random Number Generator (RNG). Also, some casino operators take it a step further by partnering with third-party auditors to regularly audit the game’s fairness.

Why play Baccarat in online casinos? 

Baccarat table infographic

Here’s a shortlist of the best reasons why it’s fun to play Baccarat in online casinos:

Online BaccaratBaccarat in Landbased Casino
Play from your home☑️X
Play on multiple seats at the same time☑️X

The most obvious benefit of playing at online casinos is its convenience to players. You can join a baccarat table even if you’re at home, and there’s a chance you can play on multiple seats simultaneously.

Also, you’ll have access to a more exciting and rewarding set of casino bonuses and promotions not available in brick-and-mortar casinos. For example, today’s top online casinos award players a sign-up bonus, reload bonuses, cashback, and a VIP scheme. There are baccarat contests, too, and no deposit bonus offers make gambling more exciting.

Online Baccarat Types 

Like other table games, online baccarat is also available in different variants. Check out the following variants before joining a casino and playing for real money.

Live Baccarat 

Live baccarat offers an authentic gambling experience to the players in real-time. You play against a human dealer in a live dealer format, and you watch how they shuffle the cards. 

Chemin de Fer 

Chemin de Fer rules
Chemin de Fer 

It is a famous French card game that up to 12 players can play. The player aims to get a total of 9 from two or three cards.

Punto Banco 

Punto Banco 

Punto Banco is a popular baccarat variant that offers one of the lowest house edges. Cards are dealt from a shoe with six to eight decks of cards, and you bet on the Banker or the Player.

Baccarat Banque 

Baccarat Banque is another popular baccarat variant but comes with more straightforward rules. In this variant, the bet is role-based, and you’re either the Banker or the player.

No Commission Baccarat 

European Baccarat 

It is an exciting baccarat version where the operators remove the annoying fees on the winning Banker’s bet.

EZ Baccarat 

EZ Baccarat is another exciting and easy baccarat variant that features two variants– the Player and the Banker. This baccarat variant is different with the addition of two side bets: Dragon 7 and Panda 8.

European Baccarat 

The main difference between the European Baccarat and all other variants is that the player can stand or draw with a value of 5. Also, the Banker can draw an extra card.

American Baccarat 

Dragon Tiger 

It is the baccarat variant developed in North America. In physical casinos, you will notice the formal features and higher betting limits. Up to 14 players can play at a time.

Baccarat Squeeze 

Baccarat Squeeze is an exciting baccarat variant in many live casinos. Here, the dealer slowly squeezes the card to reveal its value.

Dragon Tiger 

Dragon Tiger is a simple baccarat version where you predict which is the higher card- Dragon or Tiger.

Difference between Live Dealer Baccarat and Virtual Baccarat 

Live Baccarat More fun due to the interaction with the dealers
Interaction and play with other players
Availability pending schedule (Depends on the game)
Slower games (you must wait until all the player’s bet)
Virtual Baccarat Faster game 
Possibility of mixed formats 
More visually focused games.
No interaction with the dealer
No interaction with other players
Some of the has old technology.

Live Baccarat Games 

Live baccarat games are for players who love the thrill of face-to-face gambling.

Virtual Baccarat Online Games 

Virtual baccarat games on the RNG software are the most popular offerings in top US casinos.

Seven important tips to know before playing Baccarat Online 

  1. Learn Basic Rules, Side Bets, and Payouts

Online Baccarat becomes more memorable and rewarding if you understand its basic rules, available side bets, and expected payouts.

In addition, if you know the risk and reward associated with each chance, then it’s easier to plan your bankroll and session.

  1. Know all Baccarat Betting Strategies

While the baccarat table results are predominantly random, it pays to know some baccarat betting strategies. For example, should you bet more on the Player or try to double your wager after every loss when playing the game?

  1. Plan your budget and your time

Try to come up with a playing budget and stick to it. Also, you only wager what you can afford to lose in a baccarat game.

  1. Read our game & casino reviews.

Don’t forget to read our casino reviews and baccarat game guides. We compare and review the best operators for you so you can play only on the most reliable platform.

  1. Practice for free

Don’t forget to play online Baccarat for free. By playing it using free credits, you can explore the gameplay and test a few strategies risk-free.

  1. Watch streamers to discover new tips.

You can also gain insights and tips by following a few baccarat streamers. So sign up for a Twitch account today and get to know the most popular streamers in the industry.

  1. Learn the lingo

Make sure to review the game’s terminology before playing. Check out the table below for a quick guide on the most popular baccarat terms.

BankerYou are betting that the Banker has the highest hand value
RNGIt means Random Number Generator
HitIn card games, a hit means to request another card.
StandIn Baccarat, to stand means to retain the cards
TieThis means that both the Player’s and the Banker’s hand values are the same.
PairIt’s a wager that the first two cards are of the same picture or number.

How does Online Baccarat work? 

mini baccarat table infographic

If you’re playing in an online casino, the first thing you need to do is open a baccarat game.

Next, decide on your bet and place it on one of three betting options on the virtual betting table: Player, Banker, or Tie. Once you’re ready, click the ‘Deal’ button. Then, depending on the hand value, you can hit or stand to win.

Live Dealer Baccarat Rules and Bets types 

In Baccarat online, the same traditional baccarat betting rules apply.

The aim is to bet on the winning hand, and you can use the virtual chips to set your bet. Speaking of bets, here are the available live dealer betting options that you can consider:

1. Bet on a player

A wager that the player’s hand has the highest value

2. Pairs

You are betting that the first two cards are of the same picture or point.

3. Tie

You are wagering that the both the Player and Banker’s hands have the same point

4. Big hand

The Big hand wins if there are five cards on the table, which means that at least one player has a 3rd card.

5. Small hand

This side bet wins if neither player has a 3rd card and four cards remain on the betting table.

6. Minimum/maximum bets

This refers to the betting limits on your baccarat table.

How is the game of online Baccarat made? 

Online casinos partner with software vendors to design the best baccarat games.

Let’s look at the leading baccarat game designers in the business.

  1. Evolution  – Evolution is the leading supplier of live dealer games.
  2. Playtech– Playtech is a famous designer of slot machines and table games.
  3. Microgaming -Microgaming is arguably the first designer of online casino software.

Play baccarat on your phone 

Using a mobile app simplifies not just the game but also all your transactions with the casino. For example, you can easily top up your account or request your payment with just a few swipes on the screen. Also, some casinos offer bespoke mobile bonuses and promotions.


Online Baccarat remains a classic favorite among many casino players. The game’s appeal lies in the simplicity of its rules and types of bets to play. Also, different side bets like All Red, All Black, Pairs, and the Perfect Pairs make each round more exciting and rewarding.

But before you jump into a real money game, make sure to review the rules, bets, and vocabulary. How you prepare for the match will spell the difference between success and failure!

Frequently Asked Questions

Baccarat is a game of chance, but there are still choices you can make to improve your odds. Betting with the Banker gives you a slight advantage with every bet. Betting consistently with the banker over the course of many hands will greatly improve your odds and chances of winning. You can also increase your odds by avoiding the tie bet. While the earnings are improved on a tie (around 8x your bet), your likelihood of winning is slim. Some baccarat experts consider the tie bet a sucker bet.
There are 14 betting positions on a baccarat table. They are numbered 1-15. Why 15? Because the unlucky number 13 is skipped over.
You can bet on the player, the bank, or a tie. Betting on the bank has a slight advantage in the long run.
Yes, you can play online baccarat for free. Just use a bonus from an online casino. You can also try out baccarat by playing in demo mode. However, you cannot win money in demo mode.