Hold and Win Slots

Collect Cash Symbols During Re-Spins for big Rewards!

Collecting enough symbols could result in huge hold and win payouts. The feature is incredibly attractive, especially with a wide range of styles and features. Below, we take a look at the best hold and win titles, how they work, and the best developers.

Online slots are always coming up with new and innovative ways to keep you entertained. We’ve seen many exciting twists to traditional features such as free spins, interactive bonus features, wild symbols, and much more. And now, the hold and win feature has become the next big thing!

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at what makes this a brilliant addition to your experience. To read about a specific section, simply clink the link below and discover more about this game feature:

Top 10 Hold and Win Slots

If you’re already clued up of the impressive hold and win slot feature, you’re most likely just looking for more brilliant titles to enjoy. So, let’s get into the top 10 hold and win slots and see what sets them apart. If you’re new to this feature, keep reading as we dive into the benefits and details of these slots!

1. Apollo Pays Megaways – 96.56% RTP

RTP96.51% – 96.56%Min Bet$0.20
Max Payout116,030xMax Bet$20.00

Offering a unique take to hold and win, the Apollo Pays Megaways slot by Big Time Gaming activates the feature with every winning combination. Each time a combination triggers, the symbols involved stick in place as the other reels spin again. If more symbols add the to the combination or a completely different combination triggers, another re-spin is rewarded.

Combined with the Megaways mechanics, you can expect to see the hold and win feature in action often!

Apollo Pays Slot Hold and Win Feature
Try Apollo Pays at Big Time Gaming Casinos in New Jersey

2. Money Train – 96.20% RTP

RTP96.20%Min Bet$0.20
Max Payout20,000xMax Bet$25.00

Created by Relax Gaming, the Money Train slot provides a completely different approach to the hold and win feature. Once three bonus symbols appear, the free spins bonus activates. Here, you’ll receive three re-spins, during which the purple multiplier boxes are sticky. Each time another box appears, free spins reset to three again.

By collecting more boxes during this hold and win feature, you’ll score higher multipliers. There are also special symbols that could increase the value of the boxes, making the bonus worth so much more!

Money Train slot hold and win feature
Money Train Hold and Win feature

3. Thunderstruck Wild Lightning – 94% – 96.10% RTP

RTP94% – 96.1% Min Bet$0.20
Max Payout15,000xMax Bet16.00

Created by Stormcraft and presented by Microgaming, the Thunderstruck Wild Lightning slot once again presents a unique hold and win feature. Activated by at least six lighting symbols on the reels, these are locked in place while the other reels spin again.

Each lighting symbol is worth a cash reward, which could accumulate to a generous win, especially when filling up the reels, offering up to 15,000x!

Thunderstruck Wild Lightning slot hold and win feature
Play Thunderstruck Wild Lightning at Microgaming Casinos in NJ

4. Game of Thrones Power Stacks – 94.2% – 96.2% RTP

RTP94.2% – 96.2%Min Bet$0.20
Max Payout2,500xMax Bet$20.00

Another popular title part of the Microgaming library is the Game of Thrones Power Stacks slot. It features the Link & Win mechanics, which is the same as hold and win.

To activate the feature, collect at least six of the coin symbols on the reels at the same time. Those symbols lock in place while other reels spin again. The hold and win feature provides three re-spins that reset each time an additional coin appears.

Game of Thrones Power Stacks Hold and Win Feature
Play Game of Thrones Power Stacks at Microgaming Casinos in New Jersey

5. Money Cart 2 – 98% RTP

RTP98%Min Bet$0.10
Max Payout5,000xMax Bet200.00

Money cart 2 is an online slot, which is not available in New Jersey just yet. It combines the hold and win feature during all gameplay modes. In fact, during the base game, only bonus symbols appear, which need to show at least three time in a spin to trigger the hold and win feature.

Once activated, three re-spins are rewarded while collecting as many bet multiplier symbols as possible. This is the only way to activate winnings in the Money Cart 2 Link & Win slot, making it the perfect choice for players who can’t get enough of the hold and win feature.

Money Cart 2 Link & Win slot feature

6. Buffalo Power – 95.04% RTP

RTP95.04%Min Bet$0.20
Max Payout1,187xMax Bet$100.00

Created by Playson, the Buffalo Power slot is also not yet available in New Jersey online casinos. Get at least six golden coins to appear anywhere on the reels in a single spin to activate the hold and win feature. Three re-spins activate, which reset each time more points appear.

The feature includes special Buffalo Power symbols, which can activate the jackpots above the reels in addition to the multipliers collected.

Buffalo Power slot hold and win feature
Buffalo Power slot Hold and Win Feature

7. Vikings Fortune Hold and Win – 95.2% RTP

RTP95.2%Min Bet$0.25
Max Payout2,000xMax Bet$100.00

Yet another impressive Playson creation we home to see in New Jersey casinos soon. The Vikings Fortune Hold and Win slot provides an attractive 3D theme, which includes the golden coins among standard symbols. Get at least six of these in a single spin to activate the hold and win feature and receive three re-spins.

The golden coins can appear as mega symbols, covering up to nine standard positions. This makes it much easier to activate and win big with the hold and win feature.

Vikings Fortune Hold and Win Slot feature
Vikings Fortune Hold and Win Slot Feature

8. Sunny Fruits Hold and Win – 95.7% RTP

RTP95.7%Min Bet$0.10
Max Payout1,188xMax Bet$100.00

Sunny Fruits Hold and Win was created by the Playson developer. Instead of the commonly used coin symbols, it activates the hold and win feature when at least six sun symbols appear. As with the other titles, three re-spins trigger, resetting when new symbol symbols show in re-spins.

Non-progressive jackpot winnings of up to 1,000x the bet can activate during the hold and win feature. You’ll need enough of the jackpot symbols to trigger the amounts above the reels.

Sunny Fruits Hold and Win Slot
Sunny Fruits Hold and Win Slot

9. Gold Digger – 96% RTP

RTP96%Min Bet$0.20
Max Payout8,320xMax Bet$20.00

The Gold Digger slot is a creation part of the iSoftBet library, which is not available in New Jersey. The game provides an interesting 3D-animated mining theme, which include gold nugget hold and win symbols during the base game.

Get at least six of the golden nuggets simultaneously to activate the hold and win feature. The three re-spins that initiate the feature reset each time an additional nugget gets stuck on the reels. Additional feature symbols could provide more spins, multipliers, additional reels, and more.

Gold Digger Hold and Win slot
Gold Digger Hold and Win Slot

10. Outback Gold – 96% RTP

RTP96%Min Bet$0.25
Max Payout5,000xMax Bet$25.00

Last but not least on our top 10 hold and win slots list is the Outback Gold slot from iSoftBet. The Australian theme is combined with golden hold and win coins, which – as you might have guessed – need to appear three time to initiate the feature.

In addition to collecting coins during the three re-spins – that reset after more coins appear – you can activate multiplier jackpots by getting enough of the associated symbols during hold and win.

Outback Gold Hold and Win slot
Outback Gold Hold and Win Slot

What is an Hold and Win Slot?

As one of the most popular feature types, hold and win slots commonly combine sticky symbols with instant cash winnings. If you’ve played at land-based or online casinos in New Jersey, you have most likely come across the feature without knowing it.

Hold and win slots include some type of special symbol – commonly coins – among the standard symbols. Once you get enough of them on the reels simultaneously – usually six or more – the bonus activates.

How does the Hold and Win Feature Work?

The feature-activating symbols stay in place while the other reels are spun again. Should more coin symbols appear, they’re locked as well, and the feature repeats by resetting the number of re-spins.

At the end of the hold and win feature, each coin would reveal a cash value or activate another type of bonus such as a jackpot.

Apollo Win Slot Hold and Win Feature Info
Apollo Win Slot – How Hold and Win Works

Why Play Slots with Hold and Win Features?

Adding a unique twist to the commonly known free spins feature, hold and win slots make it interesting by offering instant cash rewards and re-spins that reset. The feature can continue for quite a while, especially with games that offer multiple levels and added features.

Hold and Win Slots vs. Other Online Slots

The hold and win mechanics is a feature that typically replaces free spins in slots. You can still enjoy other bonus games, combinations, and more. Some slots combine both features, meaning you can activate the hold and win feature and free spins in the same slot. Let’s take a look at how they compare:

Hold & Win SlotsRegular Slots
Why Play Hold and Win Slots1. Commonly Offer Higher Payouts
2. Each to Use and Understand
3. Re-spins Reset for More Wins
4. Commonly Linked with Jackpots
1. Could Include Complicated Features
2. Usually Offers Lower Jackpots (Non-Progressive)
3. Offers Less Exciting Rewards

Are Hold and Win Slots Safe in New Jersey?

As an online casino professional, I can verify that hold and win slots available at licensed online casinos in New Jersey are safe. The license is important as casinos under it are regulated and need to provide a certain level of security, fairness, and responsibility, something you might not get from unlicensed brands.

With that said, your personal gaming habits also play a major role. Combining your gaming experience with responsible gambling is a great way to keep within your budget, and how to setup your casino account.

Are Hold and Win Slots Fair?

Once again, choosing casinos that operate under the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement is important for fairness. Luckily, all the brands in our casinos reviews are fully licensed, making them ideal for the best in gaming fairness experience.

Looking at the return to player (RTP) percentages, you can expect excellent fairness in hold and win slots. Just about all of them are above 95% while most exceed 96%, which is above industry average.

Best Hold and Win Slot Providers

Choosing the right game providers will give you access to a bigger collection of hold and win slots. The great news is, multiple providers have adapted to include their own variation of the feature. Some refer to it as hold and win, while others choose link and win. Based on the same features, let’s check out the best developers offering these features.

1. Big Time Gaming

Big Time Gaming logo
Big Time Gaming

Offering a wide range of unique games, features, and styles, Big Time Gaming has become a popular choice among players in New Jersey. In addition to their hold and win slots, they also provide a massive range of Megaways slots, sometimes – such as Apollo Pays on this list – combing both features into one slot! Visit our Big Time Gaming casinos page to learn more about them and where you can sign up to play their slots.

2. Relax Gaming

Relax Gaming

Striving to be unique and provide something different, Relax Gaming offers a library with loads of different features. This includes megaways, infinity reels, dream drops, and of course, the hold and win features. Unfortunately, the developer has not become available with any New Jersey online casinos as yet.

3. Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play logo
Pragmatic Play

Operating among the leaders in slots and live dealer games, Pragmatic Play is a developer offering something unique. In addition to various hold and win slots, the developer also includes megaways and many other impressive bonus features.

4. Stormcraft Studios

Stormcraft Studios logo
Stormcraft Studios

Stormcraft Studios might be a new developer, but with their Microgaming partnership, the company has quickly made themselves know. This means their games are available at Microgaming casinos in New Jersey, offering brilliant redesigns with exciting features such as hold and win.

5. Slingshot Studios

Slingshot Studios logo
Slingshot Studios

A company creating exclusive content for Microgaming since 2018, Slingshot Studios has shown what they are worth with a great selection of online slots. Once again, you can enjoy everything from their free spin features to hold and win bonuses at Microgaming casinos in New Jersey.

Tips to Choose the Best Hold and Win Slots

Working in the online gaming industry daily has given me the experience and knowledge to find the best games with ease. Of course, this includes top-rated slots with the hold and win feature. Below, I’ll share some of my most useful tips, allowing you to recognize games worth giving a few spins.

Consider the Theme, Graphics, Sound and Overall Feeling

Since multiple developers create hold and win slots, you’re bound to find various themes and styles. We’re all different and enjoy unique games, which makes the variety a huge benefit. Find a hold and win slot that offers the right style and theme for the games you tend to enjoy, it’s bound to add to the experience.

Gaming Fairness – check the RTP

Fairness is always the most important, which can be verified by the RTP (return to player) percentage. In New Jersey, online casinos have to operate under a license, which requires their games to be of a certain standard. It’s rare to find NJ slots with RTPs of under 95%, but the higher it goes, the better!

Is the Buy Bonus Option Available?

The hold and win feature of these slots tends to be the highlight, which at times could take longer to activate. Having the buy bonus option is a great way to add excitement and possible big winnings to your experience.

What Available Bonus Offers is Available

Game developers that offer hold and win features are available at multiple online casinos. Choose a brand that offers the right welcome bonus, possibly with free spins to make the most of your opportunities.

Is Hold and Win Combined with Other Features

While hold and win might be the highlight, having other features such as bonus games or additional free spin rounds is a huge advantage. You’ll also find many games include special symbols such as wilds that expand, shift, or appear at random.

Read Our Reviews for the Best Guidance

As an online casino expert with nearly a decade of experience, I have the advantage of pointing out specific details, not just benefits, but other things to consider as well. Using the casino and slot reviews on our website will tell you exactly what to expect, avoid, and how to make the best of what it offers.

Are Hold and Win Slots for you? The Conclusion

Having new features such as hold and win is a great addition to just about any game. It replaces the traditional free spins bonus, and commonly combines a range of fixed jackpots, increasing the rewards drastically.

There are times when the feature just doesn’t deliver the big wins we’re hoping for, but that applies to just about all slot features. Thus, asking if the hold and win feature is for you, it’s best to try it out and see how it works for your gaming needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Much like free spins and bonus games, hold and win refers to a special feature in slots. Once activated, it holds cash symbols in place while reels spin again. Once the feature is complete you’ll win all the values of the held symbols.
Though not available in all hold and win slots, some developers have combined the bonus buy option. This allows you to purchase the bonus based on the current betting total.
Many slots include hold and win instead of free spins. However, there are some developers that combine both features into the same game.
The hold and win feature usually activates when enough hold symbols (commonly coins) appear on the reels. Some slots also allow you to buy the bonus at a multiplied rate based on your current bet per spin.