Serengeti Diamonds
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Serengeti Diamonds

Provider: Lightning Box

Serengeti Diamonds is one of the latest classic-style slots. It’s a medium-to-high volatility machine with a moderately high RTP, set…


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Serengeti Diamonds Review

  • Serengeti Diamonds is an exciting classic slot from Lightning Box Games
  • Find the hidden treasures of the Serengeti for a large payout
  • Thrilling bonus rounds and high returns to players

Serengeti Diamonds is one of the latest classic-style slots. It’s a medium-to-high volatility machine with a moderately high RTP, set at 97%.

The game offers wild bonuses, scatter bonuses, and colorful visual references to exotic animals. With the Diamond Pick scatter bonus, players get the opportunity to win free spins and trigger special winnings multipliers.

There’s also a very interesting Second Chance feature. Read our Serengeti Diamonds review to find out more about this safari-inspired slot machine.

Serengeti Diamonds

ProviderNYX Gaming, Scientific Games (SG)
  • Free spins
  • Wild symbols
  • Multipliers
  • Scatter symbols
  • Second chance 
Minimum Bet(all lines covered) $0.50
Maximum Bet $250.00
Top Win$462,530 (50,000 credits)

Where to Play Serengeti Diamonds

You can play Serengeti Diamonds at these online casinos:

Serengeti Diamonds Symbols and Payouts

Serengeti Diamonds is a three-reel, 25-payline slot machine game. The game pays out left to right, and only the highest-payout line each time.


There are twelve symbols in total, following an African safari-like visual theme. There are five low-tier symbols, spanning the 9, J, Q, and K. There are another five high-tier symbols, including a vase, a tribal mask, a hut, an elephant, and a lion. In addition, there are both wild and scatter symbols.


Symbol payouts follow a steady progression, shown in the following table.

SG sym1
SD sym2
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Serengeti Diamonds min / max bets

The game features minimum bet amounts per spin set at $0.50. Max bet amount per spin is set at $125.

Serengeti Diamonds RTP, volatility & hit frequency

The machine has a relatively high RTP, at 96.99%. At the same time, volatility is roughly medium to high. Therefore, you can expect to win regularly, with a lot of variance between large and small payouts. Wild and scatter bonuses are pretty rare, though the latter is more common.

Serengeti Diamonds Jackpot and/or maximum win

The maximum possible win in Serengeti Diamonds is $25,000 (50,000 credits). In order to take that bounty home, you’ll need to line up a whopping five wild symbols. However, if you’re lucky enough to activate the maximum multiplier before hitting five wilds, you’d get 8x times as much. That’s a cool $200,000.

Serengeti Diamonds features

Serengeti Diamonds has several interesting features for players to explore. The game offers free spins, multipliers, wilds, and a special re-spin feature.

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Wilds, Scatters & other base game features

The game incorporates both Wild and Scatter symbols. You can also make use of a handy Second Chance feature.


Wild symbols in the game are simply the word “WILD” in big red capital letters. Wild symbols work as wildcards: they can substitute any other symbol in a payline.

However, locking in several WILD symbols will reward you with the largest payouts the game has to offer.


The scatter symbol in Serengeti Diamonds is, of course, the titular diamond. Two to four Diamonds (left to right) from the first reel will trigger a Hold ’n Spin.

If you manage to lock in five diamonds, you’ll then trigger the Diamond Pick Bonus.


If your Hold ’n Spin fails to lock in five diamonds, don’t worry. You’ll get another go. Every Diamond that triggered the Hold ’n Spin is locked into place, and the remaining reels spin another three times.

Each Diamond you hit will be locked in, and reset the three-spin count.


When you lock in five Diamonds, you’ll trigger the Diamond Pick Bonus. This bonus round lets you win free spins and multipliers.

Touch two of the Diamonds to reveal your bonus reward. Multipliers range from 3x all the way up to 8x.

Serengeti Diamonds Free Spins

The game incorporates ways for players to earn free spins. You can get anywhere between five and ten free games.

Better yet, each of the free spin games will feature whatever multiplier you happen to get in the bonus round. If you don’t like your bonus round picks, you can use the Second Chance feature to pick again.

Bonus game

The Diamond Pick bonus game lets players win free spins and multipliers. To trigger the bonus, all you need to do is lock in five Diamond symbols during the Hold ’n Spin.

In order to trigger the Hold ’n Spin, you need to lock in two to four Diamonds from the first reel, left to right.

Graphics & Sound

The game features simple graphics, with a colorful style and clean lines. All symbols are very easy to tell apart. Animations and sounds are fairly basic but serviceable.

The game provides satisfying feedback when spinning the wheels, hitting paylines, or triggering bonuses.

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Safari Heat has the same theme and similar symbols, though a more expressive art style. 

Serengeti Diamonds Review – Conclusion

Serengeti Diamonds is a fun and engaging slot machine with an attractive visual theme and decent sound effects. It features pretty straightforward game mechanics, with wildcards, bonus rounds, re-spins, free spins, and multipliers.

Serengeti Diamonds has medium to high volatility, meaning you can expect infrequent but sometimes sizable payouts. The second chance feature offers plenty of re-spins so you can trigger the bonus rounds.

There’s no progressive jackpot, though, which would be a swell addition. Some kind of auto-play feature would also come in quite handy.