888 Re-strategizes in US

By Ionut
Published October 21, 2020

888 is an uncontested giant when it comes to the world online casino market. But they have not dominated in the U.S. 

As of now, 888’s primary presence in the U.S. is in New Jersey. They are partnered with Caesars casino in Atlantic City, but their empire has not really spread to New Jersey.

Let’s see why, and find out what the 888 folks are looking to do to increase their presence in the U.S.

888: a World-wide Casino Industry Giant

888 Holdings has had a strong hand in the onilne casino industry ever since its inception in the mid-1990s. From slots to poker, 888 has designed games and casino platforms. There are few companies that know online casinos so inside-out.

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The 888 – Caesars Partnership

When 888 came to the U.S., they partnered up with Atlantic City giant Caesars. 

Caesars’ Atlantic City casino is the Atlantic City home of: 

  • Caesars Casino
  • Harrah’s Casino
  • WSOP 
  • 888
  • WynnSports

Yet despite this combination of major partners, Caesars never comes in above 3rd place among New Jersey’s online casinos.

888’s New Strategy in the U.S.

888 is now addressing its lackluster performance in the U.S. Despite an enormous game selection and its cozy relationship with the giant developer, Evolution, there are improvements to be made.

As online casinos’ popularity has been increasingly gaining throughout 2020, 888 has been given further motivation to shift its attention to the U.S. online casino market.

The U.S. is also comparatively lax in regards to certain kinds of legislation vis-a-vis Europe, so that is an additional reason to invest more in the U.S. market.

Time will tell how this resolve takes shape in New Jersey. If 888 wants to contend against the king Golden Nugget and the rising challenge of the Borgata family, it needs to up its game. 

Itai Pazner on 888’s history and new directions in the US

“Listen, we are not where we want to be. We have been focused in the last few years on developing our core products in core markets including Europe. We’ve managed to deliver significant growth in those markets, alongside enhancing our products in the three main categories—casino, poker, and sports betting–and we’re launching brand new products in each one of those categories.

“Obviously, you can’t do everything at the same time, and one of the things that hasn’t developed as much is the US market.

“We’re in a much better position in the US in terms of gaming than we are in sports betting, but we need to make much more progress in both of them.”