Gambling while Commuting

By Ionut
Published November 19, 2020

New York City is throwing a lot of money at New Jersey, it seems.

Taking a quick ride across state lines allows New Yorkers to take advantage of the many bonuses and favorable betting conditions from New Jersey’s online casinos.

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New Yorkers Jumping On the Train

While we can’t be sure exactly where these bettors are coming from, it’s no surprise that Jersey City, Hoboken, and Newark – three gateways for workers commuting to Manhattan – are popular pit stops for quick games.

While some of these drive-by bettors are apparently New York residents, there seems to be another group: commuters.

Quick games need well-organized apps. Here are some that get the highest ratings from users:

Commuters working in NYC

It is well known that a number of people who work in NYC live outside the city. Millions commute every day, and they pass through or transfer in New Jersey. 

Slow trains, delays, and other temporal gifts are an asset for gamblers. Time on the train – or waiting to get on it – can be a great time to practice your blackjack strategy or relax with some slots.

And what livens up a boring commute more than someone yelling, “Jackpot!”?

New York’s Next Move?

While New York is used to seeing a lot of money go out the door toward Atlantic City, the accessibility of online casinos has really put the pressure on.

How much longer will New York stand out against the economic pressure to legalize online gambling? Now that New Yorkers don’t even need to take a commuter but to the racetrack or casino, the state will see more and more money going to New Jersey. 


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