TheScore Coming to NJ

By Ionut
Published August 31, 2020

TheScore has announced a partnership with Twin River to open a new online casino in New Jersey!

The online casino market is a tough one to break into, so why TheScore think they have the stuff to make it?

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Who is TheScore?

While they’re not well known in the online casino market, TheScore is a major operator in the sports betting industry. They are looking to expand their offering to customers into casino games as well.

In the words of TheScore CEO John Levy, “The addition of an online casino offering to our award-winning and truly differentiated mobile sports betting platform broadens our reach and deepens our strong portfolio of assets.

TheScore and Twin River Partnership

TheScore is partnering up with Twin River to launch their online casino. Twin River is currently purchasing Bally’s, which had been the only Atlantic City casino that had no online casino.

Bally’s reluctance to join the online casino market was a source of confusion for many. Even more so as the online casino industry took off, yet Bally’s still refused to jump in. 

Now that Twin River is looking to buy Bally’s out, they are eager to set up an online presence. TheScore jumped in at just the right time, so we’ll see what they have in store.

What Will TheScore Online Casino Look Like?

You might be thinking that the sports betting super star will not take its online casino seriously. Maybe they’ll throw a couple of slots and video poker in there, but will it be anything but a diversionn for sports bettors?

Well, if we look at a competitor like Unibet, there’s good reason to think that TheScore might take this seriously. Although Unibet is known as a sports betting site, they have stepped up to the plate in their casino offerings.

For example, Unibet is one of the few online casinos to offer live dealer casino games. They also have jackpot and mega jackpot slots. 

So, if Unibet is any indication, there’s good reason to think that TheScore could step into the online casino game intending to be a serious competitor.