NJDGE Investigating Golden Nugget Over Unfair Dice Claims

By Filip
Published June 11, 2023

The New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement has been tasked to perform an audit into Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino over claims of unfair dice on their Craps tables. The lawsuit has been filed by Mr. Wayne Chan.

A dispute between an individual – Wayne Chan – and Golden Nugget casino has recently garnered attention from the New York federal court. The judge has put the issue in the hands of the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement, giving them 6 months to investigate Golden Nugget and resolve this dispute.

  • Golden Nugget land casino in Atlantic City investigated over fraudulent dice claims
  • Complaint was filed by player who lost nearly half a million at the Golden Nugget Casino

This complaint was filed by Wayne Chan, a player who had lost about $470,000 at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. These losses were accumulated in 2018 and 2019.

The player filed a lawsuit in September of 2021 against Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino. This lawsuit was dismissed by the Newark court, as they found the player’s claims untrue, siding with the casino on the matter. However, the decision was appealed by Mr. Chan’s lawyers.

The issue was presented in front of a New York court in April of 2023. It was then that the New York judge decided to hand this issue over to the New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement for further investigation.

Further Details on the Issue

Mr. Chan’s lawsuit is based on the fact that the dice used at the Golden Nugget Casino Craps table did not adhere to dice regulations. In accordance with NJ gambling regulations, the dice may only have dots which represent the numbers, the name of the casino, and a serial number imprinted. In addition, testing has to take place to ensure that the dice can not be tampered with for someone to gain an unfair advantage.

According to Mr. Chan, he recognized this issue and reported it immediately to the staff of the Golden Nugget Casino & Hotel. Mr. Chan claimed that the dice were not transparent, and that they were labeled with a table number, which goes against regulations.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Chan’s claims have any weight to them, as the NJDGE now has 6 months to investigate and inform the federal court on their findings.

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