No Wagering Bonuses

Find the Best No Wagering Bonuses in New Jersey

Looking for the best bonus value in online gaming? Find a no-wagering bonus! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain what no-wagering bonuses are, how to find them and why online casino players across New Jersey go crazy for them.

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92 score
$1 000 Bonus
35x Wagering
25 Freespins
0x Wagering
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95 score
$1 025 Bonus
15x Wagering
- Freespins
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Golden Nugget

95 score
$1 000 Bonus
10x Wagering
200 Freespins
0x Wagering
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Borgata Online

94 score
$1 020 Bonus
15x Wagering
- Freespins
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Caesars Casino

88 score
$1 000 Bonus
25x Wagering
- Freespins
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93 score
$250 Bonus
1x Wagering
- Freespins
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Tropicana Atlantic City

88 score
$100 Bonus
0x Wagering
- Freespins
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94 score
$510 Bonus
10x Wagering
- Freespins
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86 score
$310 Bonus
25x Wagering
- Freespins
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Virgin Casino

91 score
$100 Bonus
1x Wagering
- Freespins
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The issue with wagering requirements…

  • What is a wagering requirement?

Wagering requirements are attached to most online casino bonuses. These requirements allow the casinos to protect themselves while allowing players to play their casino games for free: Obviously, casinos are in the business of making money—they can’t just hand out free money to everyone who signs up. Wagering requirements are the multiple of how much you need to play through before you can withdraw winnings from your bonus.

When you receive bonus dollars or free spins, you can play that money at no cost depending on the terms. But if you were to hit it big and wanted to keep those winnings, you’ll need to deposit money and play through the value of the bonus a certain number of times to satisfy the wagering requirement.

For example, if you receive $20 bonus dollars with a 1x wagering requirement, you would need to bet (or play through) the same amount you received as a bonus. So, in this case, you would have to bet another $20 before you could collect your winnings.

Wagering requirements are generally low, with many U.S. online casinos offering 1x wagering requirements for bonus dollars and 20x for matching deposits.

  • No Wagering Bonuses vs.  Wagering Bonuses
  • What is a no-wagering requirement?

But the best wagering requirement you can find is a no-wagering requirement. This is also known as a zero wagering requirement. A no-wagering requirement is part of the best bonuses offered at New Jersey online casinos because you can withdraw the winnings from your bonus with no strings attached.

Basically, with a no-wagering requirement, players have no obligation to “play through” the bonus received after winning, which could potentially risk losing those winnings.

For example, if you receive $20 bonus dollars and hit it big with a no-wagering requirement, you can cash out your winnings without fulfilling any further wagering requirements.

For this reason, no-wagering requirements are scarce — they are designed to benefit the player and not the casino — so if you find one, make sure you take advantage of it!

No need to bet X timesYou have to bet X times

Are No Wagering Bonuses safe?

Yes, no-wagering bonuses are safe. While they are a rarity in the U.S., no-wagering bonuses offered by casinos we’ve reviewed are safe and trustworthy.

Here at, we’ve only reviewed casinos that have been authorized by and licensed. All of the casinos on our site are licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Online gambling has been legal in New Jersey since 2013. For more information on the legality of online blackjack, check out this page on regulations and legislation.

Why do casinos offer this sort of bonus?

Online casinos offer no-wagering bonuses to attract new players to their casinos or specific games. Because of the great value in finding a bonus with a no-wagering requirement, there’s a good chance that these bonuses result in hundreds and maybe even thousands of new players: Everybody likes free money, especially with a chance to win big!

Most commonly, smaller or newer online casinos offer no-wagering bonuses to continue building a base of customers. Online casino operators are well aware of how attractive no-wagering bonuses are. At the same time, they also know that these bonuses are weighted heavily in the players’ favor—which is why they’re so rare to find.

Types of No Wagering Casino Bonuses

While the essence of no-wagering bonuses is the same, different types of these bonuses are offered by U.S. online casinos. Here, our team of experts will detail the differences in these bonuses:

No Wagering Free Spins

Receiving no-wagering free spins is the most common type of no-wagering bonus.

Generally, these free spins are included in bonuses as add-ons to match bonuses. For example, if you see a bonus that includes a match deposit and free spins, players must first fulfill the deposit requirement before receiving the free spins.

Basically, the free spins serve as an incentive for players to make that first deposit.

No Wagering Deposit Bonuses

No-wagering deposit bonuses are even rarer than no-wagering requirement bonuses. There is no wagering requirement on the money a player has deposited into their account with this bonus. This bonus also comes in different forms:

No Wagering First-Deposit Bonus

With a no-wagering first deposit bonus, players will have no wagering requirement on the first-time funds they have deposited into their account. Oftentimes, online casinos will offer match bonuses for players, but those usually have wagering requirements. The no-wagering first deposit bonus is an added perk.

No Wagering Reload Bonus

With a no-wagering reload bonus, players will have no wagering requirement on the funds they deposit into their account to reload their playing cards. These bonuses are designed to promote customer loyalty and keep players reloading their cards.

Other types of wager-free bonuses

You can find no wager bonuses for these games, even though they are among the rarest bonus offers:

  • No Wagering Roulette bonus

If you want to try online roulette without putting your own money up, online casinos have been known to offer small no-wagering roulette bonuses. With this bonus, you will receive money or betting credits to be used only on roulette.

  • No Wagering Blackjack bonus

If you want to play online blackjack at no risk, online casinos have been known to offer small no-wagering blackjack bonuses. With this bonus, you will receive money or betting credits to be used on blackjack hands.

  • No Wagering Poker bonus

With this bonus, you can sit down at an online poker table and play a few hands of poker. No-wagering poker bonuses often have betting limits and aren’t large enough to provide a complete experience, but they can help get your feet wet.

  • No Wagering Baccarat bonus

If you want to play online baccarat at no risk, online casinos have been known to offer small no-wagering baccarat bonuses. With this bonus, you will receive money or betting credits to be used on baccarat.

Pros & Cons of a No Wagering Casino Bonus

The table below lists all pros and cons of No Wagering Casino Bonus.

No wagering requirementWagering requirement
Cash-out bonus money without depositing real moneyBonuses often have a lower value
Try out new games and casinos without spending moneyBonuses can be restricted to certain games
No additional deposits are needed to clear wagering requirementsBonuses are scarce, not easy to find

5 Things you should know about Casino Wager-free Bonuses

1. No wagering doesn’t mean no conditions!

Remember that just because an online casino is offering a no-wagering bonus doesn’t mean there aren’t additional terms and conditions attached. Things like withdrawal limit, minimum deposit, and game limits may be included. Always check with your online casino’s website to reference the terms and conditions of any bonus offer.

2. Check how you can withdraw the winnings tied to a no wagering bonus

It’s always a good practice to see how you can withdraw your winnings from a no-wagering bonus. Different online casinos have different payment methods, requirements, and time limits for withdrawing winnings. Always check the terms and conditions first, so you don’t miss out on your winnings!

3. No wagering bonus doesn’t mean free money!

Just because you’ve received a no-wagering bonus doesn’t mean you’re receiving free money from the online casino. Remember: The no-wagering bonus is so valuable because players don’t need to “play through” the bonus money to receive any winnings. To receive the no-wager bonus, players will often need to satisfy an earlier requirement, like matching a deposit bonus.

4. Look out for the game you actually want to play with a wager-free bonus

If you are interested in playing a certain game, check if the online casino of your choice offers a no-wager bonus for that game. As we explained above, sometimes online casinos will offer no-wager bonuses for specific slot machines or, in rare circumstances, table games like roulette, blackjack, poker, and baccarat.

5. No wagering free spins can be limited

If you are lucky enough to find an online casino offering no-wagering free spins, you’re almost certain to have a set number of spins to use. Oftentimes online casinos will include no-wagering free spins as part of their welcome bonus. PartyCasino in New Jersey, for example, offers 25 no-wager free spins.

How to claim No Wagering Bonus

  1. Read our casino reviews to see which no-wagering bonuses may be right for you. Our team of experts continually updates our casino reviews with the latest online casino bonuses and promotions. All of the online casinos we have reviewed are licensed and regulated by their respective states.
  2. When you have found your no-wagering bonus, read the terms and conditions.
  3. To receive the no-wagering bonus, open a new account with that online casino. When registering for an account, please note you will be required to share personal information, like your driver’s license and credit card information.
  4. Most likely, the casino will request a bonus code or coupon to activate the no-wagering bonus. Different casinos have different entry methods: Some may require you to enter it via e-mail, phone, or live chat, but generally speaking, most will prompt you during the registration process.
  5. Players should expect to receive the bonus instantly. Then use them for whichever game you decide to play. Good luck!

You’re now ready to grab it, no wagering attached

No-wagering bonuses are the best kind of bonus in online gaming, hands down. Instead of having to play through for a wagering requirement, you can use these no-wagering bonuses to withdraw your winnings with no strings attached. While the vast majority of online casinos offer bonuses, no-wagering requirements are hard to find, so if you do, be sure to take advantage! Good luck!

Frequently asked questions

No wagering implies there are no wagering restrictions linked to the bonus or free spins, so any earnings you accrue from using the bonus or free spins are yours to keep and will be credited to your withdrawable balance when you withdraw them.
These bonuses do not require players to play through their bonus funds several times before they can withdraw it, which is why they do not exist.
To compensate for this, casinos that provide no wagering bonuses give players a large amount of free spins. Some casinos may give players up to 200 spins only for signing up. Because there are no wagering restrictions, the value of free spins with no wagering bonuses is usually lower per spin.