RNG Explained

What is RNG?  A Random Number Generator or RNG is a computer program used in designing casino games that’s responsible…

What is RNG? 

A Random Number Generator or RNG is a computer program used in designing casino games that’s responsible for generating random numbers. As the game starts, the RNG produces a vast sequence of numbers with no pattern. Once it ends, it provides a single or collection of numbers that serve as the basis for the winning combination.

Is RNG fair? 

What does it mean to use an RNG in games? The use of the RNG is for fairness and the transparency of the results. If a casino features games that use an RNG from a legit third party, it builds the operator’s credibility. ITech Labs and Gaming Labs International are two of the leading RNG providers in the business. They also audit these games to ensure fairness and accountability in outcomes.

How does RNG work? 

The RNG works using the Ring, a Trigger, and the outcome. As mentioned, the software continuously creates a random sequence of numbers as you start playing the games. When you spin the reels, the RNG creates a random series of numbers, so when the reels stop in their places, that triggers the RNG to stop. It will then serve as the basis for the determination of the outcome.

Why do Casino games use RNG? 

RNG games are now the basis of the game portfolio of the top online casinos. Software vendors and game designers invest in the RNG because players value fairness and transparency in games. Players are more motivated to register and play if the games are fair and random. The use of this software also helps build the brand of the casino. Using RNG, the casino establishes itself as an honest and responsible gambling supporter.

Which casino games are based on RNG? 

Most online casino games you can play right now run on the RNG. For example, the players’ favorites like online slots, roulette, video poker, and blackjack use the software to generate random outcomes. However, since a casino dealer runs the action, no RNG software is used in live casino games like Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat.

RNG Slots 

Online slots use RNG to produce a random winning combination of paying systems on every spin.

RNG Blackjack 

You’ll also find software-based blackjack games using RNG software to generate random cards.

RNG Roulette 

Online roulette games also run using the RNG. The software decides the winning number, color, or segment in the roulette wheel.

RNG Poker 

Video poker machines use software to determine the cards dealt to the player.


A lot of work, technology, and math come into the design and maintenance of online casino games. One crucial technology standard in most games is the Random Number Generator or RNG. It’s an essential technology ensuring gambling outcomes’ randomness and fairness. We can say that the RNG is at the heart of any casino game. If you’re looking for a fun, lucrative, fair game to play, always choose a game that features an RNG that a third party randomly audits.