Side Bet City
Game manufacturer : Evolution Gaming
Row count : n/a
Bet min : n/a
Betlines count : n/a
Number of wheels : n/a
Rating: 4.6 / 5

Side Bet City Review: A Poker Player’s Paradise

  • Side Bet City is a fast-paced poker-themed game show that incorporates a live dealer
  • An easy introduction to poker for new players and a fun challenge for poker aficionados
  • Win a top prize of 1,000x your stake
  • Find out where to play Side Bet City

Side Bet City is a refreshing release from Evolution Gaming that takes the form of a live casino game show. It focuses on poker, but that doesn’t mean you need to know the ins and outs of poker to take a shot at this game.

In fact, you don’t need to know anything about poker to have a blast on Side Bet City, as it’s as simple as online casino games get.

Even if you already consider yourself an advanced poker player, you can still enjoy the thrill of the fast-paced action in this fun and exciting environment.

Side Bet City boasts a maximum RTP of 96.69% as well as a top payout of 1,000x your bet.

In short, it’s a straightforward and entertaining live poker-themed game that’s very easy to play. If you want to know more, continue reading our detailed review below.

Side Bet City Information
Provider Evolution Gaming
Volatility Low
RTP 94.34% - 96.69%
Features Multipliers
Min Bet


Max Bet $100
Max Win 1000x

Where You Can Play Side Bet City

If you want to try your luck on this exciting title, you can visit several online casinos in the US. Unfortunately, there isn’t a free demo available, as the game incorporates a live dealer. You’ll need to make a real money deposit before you can check it out.

Below, we’ve rounded up the top five operators that allow you to play Side Bet City in the US:

  • Hard Rock
  • Golden Nugget Casino
  • BetMGM
  • Unibet
  • PlaySugarHouse

$ 25 signup bonus + $ 1,000 no wagering bonus.

Side Bet City Mechanics

Even if you’ve never participated in a game of poker in your life, you can still play Side Bet City with ease. The entire game is automated, and all you need to do is place a bet.

A live dealer shuffles a deck of 52 cards, with the order of value from 2 to A. Two or more cards can create a poker hand, which then forms part of either a three-card hand, a five-card hand or a seven-card hand.

The objective is to predict which of the three poker hands will win by placing bets on the specific choices. When you enter the game, you’ll be presented with a poker table facilitated by a live dealer, with various options on the screen.

At the bottom, there are four different wagers you can stake: three-card, five-card, seven-card, and All Lose. If you bet on the latter, it means you think the draw won’t result in any winning hands, and if you’re correct, you’ll receive a payout of $0.70 for every $1.00 staked.

Several card combinations form part of each hand, which you can quickly reference on the right side of the screen. This is the paytable, and it also displays the accompanying payouts.

After all bets are placed, the dealer shuffles the deck and lays out seven cards. If there are any winning hands, the according payouts are awarded.

Side Bet City Payouts

As we learned earlier, there are four different bets you can place. Here is what each one means, in a nutshell:

  • Three-Card Hand - Betting on the first three cards in the deck
  • Five-Card Hand - Betting on the first five cards in the deck
  • Seven-Card Hand - Betting on the best five-card hand from all seven cards
  • All Lose - Betting on no winning hand

You can bet on all the possibilities, or you can only wager on one or two - it’s all up to you.

The symbols

Since this isn’t a slot game, you won’t encounter any symbols. Instead, you’ll come across a standard deck of playing cards.

There are 52 cards split into four suits of spades, diamonds, hearts and clubs, each containing 13 cards of the same value: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

Two or more cards can create specific hands, as follows:

  • Pairs - Two cards of the same value (2 2)
  • Two Pairs - Two sets of pairs (2 2 and 4 4)
  • Three of a Kind - Three cards of the same value (3 3 3)
  • Full House - A combination of two sets of hands (Q Q Q K K or 6 6 6 J J)
  • Four of a Kind - All four cards of one value (8 8 8 8)
  • Straight - Five consecutive cards (5 6 7 8 9)
  • Flush - Five cards of the same suit (clubs, hearts, spades or diamonds)
  • Straight Flush - Five cards that form a straight and are also part of the same suit
  • Royal Flush - Five cards from 10 to A of the same suit


In Side Bet City, pairs pay differently in each hand. A three-card hand considers all pairs, five-card hands only take into account JJ, QQ, KK, or AA, while seven-card hands disregard pairs entirely.

The most rewarding hand is the royal flush, which gives you 1,000x your stake. On the contrary, any pair only awards you with 1x your wager. Here’s an overview of Side Bet City’s paytable:

Side Bet City Paytable
  Three-Card Hand Five-Card Hand Seven-Card Hand

Royal Flush

100 1,000 500

Straight Flush

40 250 100

Four of a Kind

  100 50

Full House

  50 7


4 40 5


5 25 4

Three of a Kind

35 7 3

Two Pairs


Pair JJ-AA

Any Pair 1    


Min/max bet, autoplay option

The stakes begin at $0.50 a bet, with the maximum wager capped at $100. There’s no autoplay option available here, as this is a live casino game.

Additionally, it’s hardly necessary, as the game is heavily automated already. In essence, all you need to do is place your desired wagers and watch the poker action unfold.

RTP, volatility, hit frequency

The volatility of a game usually only applies to slots, which means it’s not mentioned in live casino games such as this one. However, we can provide you with information on its hit frequency, which is 25.61%.

When it comes to the RTP of Side Bet City, it sits in the range of 94.34% and 96.69%. This is due to each bet incorporating a specific return to player as follows:

  • Three-Card RTP - 96.69%
  • Five-Card RTP - 95.21%
  • Seven-Card RTP - 94.34%
  • All Lose RTP - 96.29%

What does this mean? In short, betting on three-card hands and All Lose offers you a higher possibility of winning, while five-card and seven-card hands are riskier.

Maximum win

The top payout is awarded for a royal flush, which constitutes a five-card hand.

The prize is a whopping 1,000x your stake, which equals $100,000 at the maximum bet.

On the other hand, the smallest wager of $0.50 returns $500.

Side Bet City Graphics & Sound

From a visual standpoint, this game has an almost cocktail-bar vibe, thanks to its colorful neon lights and quirky background shelves that surround the dealer. The overall theme seems to pay homage to the 80s, which will surely bring back a few memories through its retro feel that also trickles down to the live dealers, who are dressed in bright funky clothes.

The soundtrack consists of an upbeat tune that adds to the action-packed atmosphere, broken only by chatty live dealers who do a perfect job of engaging players and fueling the excitement.

Other Game Shows to Play If You Like Side Bet City Game Show

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Side Bet City is a simple, stylish, and fast-paced live casino game that will appeal to poker players of all levels. Although its payouts are somewhat low, it makes up for this with its exceptional design and friendly live dealers that provide non-stop entertainment.

Additionally, new players can increase their poker knowledge, while professionals can set themselves a fun challenge while taking a break from more advanced poker gameplay.

In the end, this game is worth a second look, so why not try your hand on Side Bet City today?

$ 25 signup bonus + $ 1,000 no wagering bonus.


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