Live Lightning Roulette

Go Retro While Playing Live Roulette

Trust Evolution to come up with a grand live dealer production. In Live Lightning Roulette, you’ll play for a lucrative RNG Lucky Number in a gold retro environment.

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Live Lightning Roulette – A Retro Way to Play for Huge Multipliers

I know that most of you have played the classic Roulette. But have you tried a more electrifying way to play this traditional casino favorite? It’s precisely what you’ll get if you open and play Live Lighting Roulette from Evolution.

Live Lightning Roulette

In Live Lightning Roulette, the classic European Roulette layout gets an electrifying treatment with its lighting effect, huge Multipliers, and that gameshow feel.

What I analyzed in Live Lightning Roulette

What is the general Live Lightning Roulette information?

ProviderLive Lightning Roulette
ThematicRetro, 1980s
Min. Stake$0.20
Max Stake$100 – $2000
Special FeaturesLucky Numbers, Lucky Multipliers
Max ProfitUp to 500x your bet

What are the Live Lightning Roulette Special Features?

Lighting Effect

A lightning effect hits random Multipliers screens during each round. This feature creates an electrifying production when playing the game for real money.

Live Lightning Roulette

Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts

Like in regular Roulette, winning bets on the correct number payout. But this Evolution game adds Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts for huge wins. Random Multipliers of up to 500x the bet give players an extra chance to win big!

Live Lightning Roulette
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Live Lightning Roulette is one of the best live dealer productions from Evolution. I love the game because it focuses on entertainment and huge payouts.

Yes, it’s still your classic European Roulette in play. But the game’s production values, particularly the Art Deco feel and the lightning effect’s inclusion, make it grand and ambitious. When I played this in actual money, I could feel the electricity and excitement as if I were in a middle of a game show.

Also, the game’s payout schedule is something to look forward to. It features random Multipliers of up to 500x your bet, and winning and non-multiplied Straight bet pay 30:1!

Is the interface user-friendly?

Live Lightning Roulette offers an impressive and clean layout like other Evolution games. As you open this game, you’ll find a host that sets the show’s tone, an illuminated table in the center for the wheel, and screens for random Multipliers in the background. You will also find a virtual roulette betting table at the bottom part of the screen where you can place the bet.

The right side has the virtual track. I like the Menu and button location. The lighting effect provided to the Multiplier displays makes it simpler to monitor the game’s progress. Determining Lucky Numbers and placing bets is more accessible when the game show host is there.

Is the game optimised for mobile?

Yes, this live casino game is optimized for mobile use. You can access and play this game on your tablet or smartphone that runs on iOS or Android.

What are the Live Lightning Roulette’s Rules?

Live Lightning Roulette by Evolution is based on the layout and standard rules of the classic European Roulette. The roulette wheel here features 37 pockets, with 1 to 36 in alternating colors of red and black and the extra pocket for ‘0’. The same bets are available since it’s based on the European version.

Live Lightning Roulette
Evolution is the most known provider for live casino

For example, players can wager on a single number, odd/even, high/low, or group numbers. This game more lucrative and entertaining is the addition of Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts.

On each round, the host generates a random number of Lucky Numbers from 1 to 5. And each Lucky Number pays the player a Lucky Payout that ranges between 50x up to 500x the bet.

How to play Live Lightning Roulette?

This live dealer game retains the rules and types of bets used in the European variant. After joining a room, you need to bet on the outcome of the spin of the roulette wheel. The same set of bets and payout schedules are also followed in this game.

You collect a specific payout based on your wager if your bet wins. Big wins will come your way if you become lucky with the game’s random Multiplier. Here’s a complete breakdown of the steps you can take when playing this game.

  1. Log in. Use your designated username and password to log in to your casino account. Make sure your account is funded before you play in real money.
  2. Start a game. Wait until the start of the game. Pay attention to the game host as he provides instructions on the next steps.
  3. Place your bet. Start placing your bets by placing your tokens on their preferred areas on the virtual betting table.
  4. Gameshow host spins the roulette wheel. During this Lightning round, a few Lucky Numbers and their Multipliers are identified by the Random Number Generator (RNG).
  5. Collect a payout for a winning bet! If your selection wins, you earn a payout. You also get a prize boost if you hit the Lucky Number and Multiplier.

What are the Live Lightning Roulette Betting Options?

This game offers you the standard betting options that you’ll find in the traditional European Roulette. If you’re new to the game, make sure to review the following Lightning Roulette betting options:

Straight Up

In Roulette, it refers to your wager on a single number. For example, betting on a ‘2’ or ’24’ is called a straight-up bet. Without the game’s Multiplier, this bet offers the best payout at 30 to 1.

Split Bet

You are making a bet on two numbers on the virtual roulette table.

Street, Corner and Line Bets

In Street betting, you’re wagering on three numbers. The Corner and the Line bets are wagers on four and six numbers. A winning Corner bet pays 8 to 1 while the Line bet pays 5 to 1.

Color Bets

It’s a bet on whether red or black is the winning color at the end of the spin. This is an even-money bet that pays 1:1.

Other Even Money Bets

Aside from a bet on the color, there are two other types of even money bets. You can also play high/low or go for odd/even. Again, the payout for your winning Even Money bet is 1.

What are the Live Lightning Roulette Payouts like?

Types of BetLightning Roulette Payout
Straight Up (1 number)29/1 to 499/1
Spilt (2 numbers) 17/1
Street ( 2 numbers)11/1
Corner (4 numbers) 8/1
Line (6 numbers)5/1
Column (12 numbers)2/1
Dozen (12 numbers)2/1
Red/Black (18 numbers) 1/1
Odd/Even (18 numbers) 1/1
1 – 181/1
19 – 361/1

You can check the table below for a complete look at the payout schedule of Live Lightning Roulette.

As you can see, this game follows the European version’s rules and payout schedule. Pick the Lucky Number and a huge Multiplier for larger prizes.

Live Lightning Roulette is a thrilling game. The betting rules are familiar to fans of classic casino games. Its roulette bets are also recognized, as they are European.

The only rule change is the use of lightning-charged Multipliers for the visual impact. I really enjoy the way the betting menu and track are presented on the bottom right of the screen.

Even a newbie can keep track of their bets. The game show host is also ready to guide and entertain.

What is the theme of the Live Lightning Roulette?

As mentioned, this game is one of the most exciting productions of the Evolution studio. It plays using the standard European rules, and the game’s entertainment level goes up the roof thanks to its grand production design.

Live Lightning Roulette
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There’s a 1980s retro and Art Deco feel when you open and play this game. Also, the actual gameplay is truly exhilarating thanks to the lighting effect that highlights the Lucky Numbers and Multipliers.

Immersive graphics as you were in a casino

This is one of the best live dealer games I’ve ever played. I’ve tried many live casino games, but Evolution’s presentation is elegant. Upon entering the game, you’ll be greeted by a brightly lighted retro studio. One of its best features is the game show host.

On the Menu, you can chat with other players. Live Lightning Roulette is a visually stunning and user-friendly slot machine.

Real soundtrack

This is one Evolution that doesn’t rely too much on the soundtrack. Instead of canned music, the game primarily depends on the actual sounds of the spinning roulette wheel.

Also, the commentary of the game show host and his lively banter adds color to the game. If you’re not comfortable with the sounds, there’s always the option to mute them.

Who is the Live Lightning Roulette provider?

Live Lightning Roulette is a live dealer production of Evolution. Evolution is one of the leading suppliers of live casino games and software.

For years, the company took the lead in using technology and reliable math to design its games. Like most other live casino games from Evolution, Live Lightning Roulette is playable across devices.

Conclusion- How is Live Lighting Roulette better than others?

Live Lightning Roulette is not your ordinary live casino production. Evolution showcases the many reasons why it’s a respected global company for live casino games in this game.

This game is based on the European Roulette variant, but it’s much more. It integrates striking visuals and effects to create an electrifying roulette experience. A lightning effect hits some Lucky Numbers and Multipliers, and all these happen in a grand studio in Art Deco style.

So, it isn’t surprising to know that it’s an award-winning game from Evolution. As voted by EGR, it earned the Product Innovation of the Year at Las Vegas and was Game of the Year for 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

This game uses the layout of the European variant. To play, you need to bet on the outcome of the random spin of the wheel.
Like its European variant counterpart, this game allows a straight bet, even money bets, and corner bet among others.
Yes, all live dealer games from Evolution are playable on devices that run on iOS and Android devices.
If you’re lucky, you can win the game’s top Multiplier and payout of up to 500x your bet.