Roulette Rules, Bets & Odds

How to Play Online Roulette

Roulette is one of the most exciting casino games to play. You predict where the ball will land after a spin, and if you're right, you win a payout. Although the objective is pretty straightforward, there are a few roulette rules, bets, and odds that you should know. In this guide, we review the basics of roulette rules.

Learn the Roulette Rules

Fund your Balance

Once you have a solid understanding of the roulette rules, you’re ready to play. Make sure to get some funds before hitting the games lobby. To deposit, log in to your account, proceed to ‘Cashier,’ and pick your preferred banking method.

The decision time: Place your bet

With a budget in place, you’re ready to wager money. There are different roulette bets to play, and they come with varying odds and payout schedules.

Most players go for a straight bet or a wager on a single number. It’s a profitable bet as it pays 35:1 in the traditional variant. Whatever roulette bets you play, make sure you stick with your budget.

Learn About Roulette Bets

The croupier will now spin the wheel.

Once all players have submitted their wagers, the croupier announces ‘No More Bets.’ The betting has been closed, and he’s ready to spin the wheel. Here, the croupier spins the wheel in one direction, throwing the ball in the other direction.

Results and Payouts

Here’s the exciting part of playing the game- waiting for the roulette ball to end in one of the pockets. If the ball ends up in your selected pocket, you win a payout. But, of course, your payouts depend on your type of bet, the odds, and the roulette variant you are playing.

Learn About Roulette Odds And Payouts

Master the Rules of Roulette

Roulette offers some of the most straightforward betting rules in the business. You’ll find several types of bets to play, and the roulette betting rules may vary depending on the variant you’re playing.

Let’s discuss the game’s objective, the jargon, and the different variants and their specific rules below.

The Objective 

In this classic table game, your task is to bet on the outcome of the spin of the roulette wheel. According to the roulette betting rules, you can bet on a single number, a group of numbers, or go for even-money bets such as red or black and high or low.

Important terms you need to know. 

You’ll encounter a few betting terms and jargon when playing roulette in real money.

PocketsThese are the different sections on the roulette wheel where you can place your wagers.
ZeroThe single zero pockets are available on the European Roulette
Double ZeroThe double zero pockets are present in the American Roulette variant
LayoutThis refers to the arrangement of the pockets in the roulette wheel
Even moneyRoulette bets that offer you a 50-50 chance of winning, like a bet on red/black or high/low
Inside betsThese are roulette bets that appear less frequently but offer more significant payouts.

Rule Variations 

European & American Roulette Rules 

The European and American Roulette games are the most popular variants you can enjoy in top NJ casinos. They share the same table layout and rules except for one- the American variant adds an extra pocket for ’00’.

The addition of an additional pocket increases the house edge to more than 5% from just 2.7% in the European version.

‘En Prison Rule 

This is a special roulette rule that you’ll find in the French variant. This rule applies when the ball lands on the ‘0’ pocket. If this happens, you decide whether to retain the bet for the next round or collect half the chance.

‘La Partage’ Rule 

Another rule in French Roulette applies to the green ‘0’. You get half of your money if it lands in this pocket in around. Again, this rule favors the player and helps cut the house edge.

Imprisonment / En Prison Bet
Imprisonment / La Partage Bet

Roulette bets 

Online roulette is an exciting casino game to play, thanks to various bets. This game lets you bet on a single number, a group of numbers, or play even-money bets. Here, the best roulette bets depend on your risk level and appropriate roulette strategies.

For example, are you going for the roulette bets that frequently win but pay a smaller amount? Or do you want some challenge and use stakes with low odds of winning but promise huge payouts?

Roulette Layout 

The roulette game uses a betting table and a wheel with different segments from 0 to 36. The pockets are in alternating colors of red and black. In the American version, you will note the extra ’00’ that increases the house edge.

Inside Bets

Inside bets in roulette are wagers that offer bigger payouts, but they appear less frequently. Let’s check the most popular roulette inside bets examples you can play today:

Types of Inside BetsPayouts
Straight-up bet35:1
Split bet17:1
Street bet11:1
Corner bet8:1

Straight up Bet

It’s a bet on a single number and pays 35:1.

Split Bet

You are betting on two numbers, and a win pays 17:1.

Street Bet

It’s a wager on a row of three numbers, and it can pay you 11:1.

Corner Bet

It’s a wager on four numbers. So it would help if you put the chip at the intersection of the four numbers.

Outside Bets 

In roulette games, outside bets appear frequently but with lower payouts. Some of the most popular outside bets are the even-money bets that are explained in detail below:

Types of Outside BetsPayouts
Color bet1:1
Even/Odd bets1:1
Column bets1:1
High/Low bets1:1

Color Bet

It is also called the red/black bet since you’re betting on a specific color. You lose the round if the roulette ball lands on the green pocket.


You are betting that the game’s outcome is even or odd. A winning bet here pays 1:1.

Column Bet

The wager is in the roulette table’s 2:1 space. So you win if the ball lands in one of the numbers in that column.


It is another even-money bet, but you’re wagering that the final number is in the first half (1-18) or the next (19-36).

Announced/Call Bets 

Types of roulette bets
Learn more about Roulette Strategies at NJ Casinos

These are called bets in roulette. These are announced, and the croupier places the wagers for you. These bets are playable in French Roulette with Finale en Plein and Finale a cheval.

Types of Call BetsPayouts
Finale en Plein1:1
Finale a cheval1:1

Finale en Plein

It’s a series of bets on numbers that share the same last digit, like 3, 13, 23, and 33.

Finale a cheval

The wager focuses on the last two digits. A bet of Finale a cheval ¼ means that your money is on numbers that either end in 1 or 4.

Final Bet

You can only play this bet in a single-zero roulette variant. You are wagering on the final number of the result. For example, the player can bet on the ‘final 4’. Here, he is betting on all winning numbers that end in ‘4’.

 Full Complete/Complete/Maximum Bet 

It’s a bet on all inside bets and putting them in a specific number. This is a typical strategy in casinos with high rollers.

Full Complete/Complete/Maximum Bet
Full Complete/Complete/Maximum Bet

Assume the roulette casino’s maximum straight-up stake is $1,000. The player wagers $2,000 on the split (17:1) and $4,000 on the corner (8:1). It’s also possible to bet $3,000 for an 11:1 win or $6,000 for a 5:1 win. You place the maximum stake on all wagers that involve your chosen single number. If you bet on a total of 17, you bet on all bets with that number. ’17 to the max’, we say.

Roulette odds and payouts 

The variety of roulette games adds to the fun. The European, American, and French versions are popular at NJ casinos.

Their goal is the same, but their table structure and betting rules differ. Because the rules vary, the roulette odds and payouts may also vary. To better comprehend the roulette regulations, we shall compare the European and American versions.

Roulette Bet TypesExamplesPotential PayoutOdds in EuropeanOdds in American
Roulette Bet TypesExamplesPotential PayoutOdds in EuropeanOdds in American
Straight/Single number235/12.7%2.63%
Street1, 2, 311/18.11%7.89%

Another exciting thing about roulette games is their house edge. It refers to the built-in advantage of the casino over the players.

Among the popular roulette variants, the European Roulette and other variants that use its layout offer the friendliest house edge at 2.7%.

Frequently Asked Questions

In roulette, you wager on the outcome of the random spin of the roulette wheel. You win a payout if the ball lands on the pocked you have selected.
The roulette bets to play will depend on your risk appetite and your overall gambling strategy. For example, you can go for inside bets in roulette if you aim for big wins but want to take risks with numbers that appear less frequently.
The main difference between the two popular variants lies in the wheel's layout. In the traditional European Roulette, the wheel features pockets for 0 to 36. However, there's an extra pocket for '00' in the American version, which increases the casino's theoretical edge.