White Rabbit
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White Rabbit

Provider: Big Time Gaming

A Stunning And Innovative Fantasy Game

White Rabbit

White Rabbit

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White Rabbit Review

White Rabbit Megaways Review

White Rabbit Megaways is a stunning game with fantastic audio and innovative gameplay as you make your way through the chapters of this Alice-in-Wonderland-themed slot. In this White Rabbit Megaways review, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about this game.

  • Up to 248,382 ways to win
  • There aren’t Cascading Reels
  • Ability to buy access to bonus rounds
  • It doesn’t have a jackpot
  • Max payout of 13,000x your stake
  • A return to player (RTP) rate of 97.72%
  • Astonishing visuals and audio
  • How I Tested White Rabbit Megaways

    We take game reviews seriously to provide our readers with credible information. Furthermore, we want to ensure that we recommend high-quality games, so to test if White Rabbit meets our criteria, we did the following:

    1. We look at the RTP rate and volatility. These details are some of the most important numbers when it comes to slots. They tell players their chances of winning.
    2. Another important aspect is the minimum and maximum bets. A good slot game will have different wager requirements to meet the needs of as many players as possible.
    3. Progressive jackpots are a common reason people play slots. The potential to win large amounts of money makes playing more fun.
    4. The game’s theme includes graphics and audio, giving people an idea if they like a game. Slots are no exception to the significance of theme in entertainment.
    5. Understanding a game’s symbols and paytable gives you an insight into the game. Reviewing these aspects and their values lets you know what you need to do to win.
    6. If a game is boring, no one will play it, so we look at a slot’s gameplay to make sure it’s enjoyable.
    7. Lastly, we check to see any bonus and noteworthy features the game may have. That way, you’ll know what to expect when you play and how the feature works.

    Play White Rabbit Megaways With The Best Bonus

    When people look for a casino to play their favorite games, they usually go for one that offers a generous welcome bonus. Doing this allows players to have more funds to use on games. For White Rabbit Megaways, many casinos host this game; Big Time Gaming is a major provider. 

    You can play White Rabbit at the following casinos that offer a great welcome bonus:

    Many Online Casinos Offer Generous Bonuses

    You’ll find plenty of great welcome packages available when looking to play White Rabbit. At 888 Casino, you’ll receive a $20 no deposit bonus instantly just for signing up. If you’re looking for a more substantial bonus, check out the 100% match bonus up to $250 at SugarHouse. Both of these bonuses come with a 1x wagering requirement, making them some of the best in NJ. 

    White Rabbit Megaways Symbols & Payouts

    A slots review isn’t complete without a detailed look at the symbols in the game. So come with us to take a peek into the rabbit hole to see what’s inside.

    The Symbols

    Regular Symbols: White Rabbit, like other Megaways games, bases its regular symbols on high-value playing cards. In this game, the symbols go from 9 to Ace, and there are also various colorful gemstones. The symbol with the most value is the Red Queen; if you find three of them, you’ll win five times your stake. But, if you find five of them, you’ll win 25 times your stake.

    Wild Symbols: You can find wild symbols throughout the game. This symbol depicts Alice and can substitute other symbols on the reel, except for the cupcake, feature drop, and scatter symbols. Being able to substitute symbols can lead to unexpected winning combinations with more significant payouts. 

    Bonus Symbols (Scatter): The scatter symbol depicts the title character, a white rabbit. This symbol lands on reels 2, 3, and 4 concurrently, which sends you into the rabbit hole to play the White Rabbit bonus free spin round.


    Min/Max Bet & Autoplay

    The minimum bet to play is $0.10 and the maximum is $20. You can use the left and right arrows; you don’t have to choose the number of lines for the game because it automatically plays all possible routes from left to right. You can set up autoplay and limits on your wins and losses using the circular double arrow button.


    The RTP for White Rabbit is 97.72%, which is high for slot games and is one of the highest rates you’ll find online, even among other Megaways games. This rate decreases slightly to 97.24% when the feature drop price is zero. 


    White Rabbit has high volatility, meaning that (on average) payouts happen less often but with higher amounts.

    Hit frequency

    The hit frequency is about 31.52%, which means the casino will land on a winning combination 31% of the time. In White Rabbit, there are up to 248,382 of these winning combinations.

    Jackpot & Maximum Win

    There isn’t a jackpot feature in this game. However, as stated earlier in this White Rabbit review, the maximum payout is 13,000x your wager.

    The Game Has Great Stats

    White Rabbit has an exciting theme that comes with a high RTP rate and many winning combinations. Though the volatility is high, this is still a fun game with many ways to win that’ll keep you playing for hours.

    Game Features

    White Rabbit has many features that include two wild symbols that can multiply winning by two or three and two bonus games. When you enter these rounds, the base game completely transforms. 

    Then, an animation appears, taking you down the rabbit hole, signaling the change. As the changes finish, you’re now in the bonus where you can get free spins, have your winnings multiplied, and get up to 248,832 possible winning combinations.

    Wilds, Re-spins And Other Features

    Before you start playing this game, it’s essential to know how the bonus features work. So, let’s examine these bonuses through the looking glass.


    We went over the wild symbol earlier in this article, but we didn’t discuss the bonus wilds offered by Caterpillar. This character occasionally blows smoke rings while the reels spin, and wherever the rings land turns into a bonus wild. 

    The Caterpillar will blow up to four rings per spin. The bonus wilds from the Caterpillar multiply combinations by two or three, leading to big wins.

    Free Spins

    Like many other slots on the market, White Rabbit has a free spins bonus round. If the scatter symbol, the White Rabbit, lands on reels 2, 3, and 4, the free spin feature called Down the Rabbit Hole triggers. 

    In this game, if you see a cupcake symbol, the reels expand, increasing the paylines. In addition, there is a chance to make a Queen’s Reel which happens when the reel expands to its maximum of 12. This expansion allows you to find a Red Queen, a wild, or other valuable symbols.


    To win in this game, all you need is to match symbols in a line from left to right. Of course, with a more significant wager, your payout will be more prominent as well. 

    But, there are several chances to multiply your winnings through the free spins round with the Caterpillar and the feature drop. Once you’re in the bonus rounds, your best chance of winning big is getting as many Queen Reels as possible by landing cupcake symbols.

    Bonus Buy

    The bonus buy feature in White Rabbit is called Feature Drop, which allows players to pay to play the free spins bonus game. This feature comes at a high price at 100 times your stake. But, the cost can be lowered the longer you play and the more Feature Drop symbols you find on the reels. 

    White Rabbit Provides Hours of Fun Gameplay

    Both the bonus games on White Rabbit are fun to play. All the graphics, animations, and soundtrack add to the fantasy feel, making you want to keep playing. What makes it better is the added opportunities to multiply wins for a bigger payout.

    White Rabbit Megaways Graphics & Sound

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    Graphics: The visuals in White Rabbit are incredibly vivid. All the symbols and characters found throughout the game provide players with a bright and lively experience. You won’t get bored with the enchanted forest background, the infamous rabbit hole, and the Caterpillar character on the screen.

    Sound: The soundtrack is just as impressive as the visuals; there are soothing sounds of birdsong when the reels are still. As the reels move, the audio becomes more dramatic, especially during the bonus game. The soundtrack provides a sense of urgency and drama as you play.

    An Inspiring Visual And Audio Experience

    We were amazed at the incredible detail Big Time Gaming added to White Rabbit in its audio and visuals. Both aspects add to the experience of being in an enchanted forest as you’re lured into this fantastical world.

    Solutions To Problems During The Game

    If the game becomes unresponsive while you’re playing, White Rabbits will repeat the incomplete spin and show you the results when you relaunch the game. But, if you don’t relaunch the game within 90 days, your spin will be voided, and any winnings will be added to your account. Once you can log back in, you can restart, replay, or skip your last game.

    If the problem is with your home’s Wi-Fi connection, you can try to reset your connection. If the problem is a malfunction with the game itself, your wager will be returned to you. Whatever issue you face, you can contact the customer support team at the casino you’re playing for more thorough troubleshooting. 


    As a significant provider in the gambling industry, Big Time Gaming has many ground-breaking games, and White Rabbit is no different. Almost everything about this game is impeccable, from the theme, impressive graphics, exotic fantasy soundtrack, and extraordinary gameplay

    The base game stays interesting with the shifting reels, the helpful Caterpillar, and random multiplier wilds. On top of that, the bonus round is riveting as well. White Rabbit has high volatility, making it hard to win, but it’s possible once the game is understood.

    Overall, White Rabbit is another fantastic game from Big Time Gaming. Both the base and bonus games have entertaining gameplay and show the innovation coming to the iGaming industry. We look forward to seeing what the company does next.

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