Best Social Casinos in NJ

Play at New Jersey's Top Social Casinos

A excellent option for those who enjoy casino games but don't want to risk their own money. The best free games are on the top sites. We looked at and evaluated many social casinos to pick the best for 2023. Here are some more resources to learn about social gaming, how to play, and what to expect.

Top 3 Best Social Casinos in US

RankCasino NameBest Bonus
1.Chumba CasinoGET $30 OF GOLD COINS FOR $10
+ Bonus 2 Sweeps Coins Free On Signup
+$10 Gold Coin Offer on your first purchase for $4.99
3. Winstar5,000 Free Chips + up to 2,800 chips daily
1. Chumba Casino-GET $30 OF GOLD COINS FOR $10 + Bonus 2 Sweeps Coins Free On Signup
Chumba Casino

1. Chumba Casino-GET $30 OF GOLD COINS FOR $10 + Bonus 2 Sweeps Coins Free On Signup

Players flock to Chumba because of the fascinating online casino-style games and the potential to win real cash rewards. Your favorite online casino games are now available in two new virtual currencies, which you may use to play them. All of your favorite casino games are available, including slots, roulette, Craps and slots.

LuckyLand-FOR $4.99, GET 10 FREE SWEEPS COINS +$10 Gold Coin Offer ON SIGNUP

2. LuckyLand-FOR $4.99, GET 10 FREE SWEEPS COINS +$10 Gold Coin Offer ON SIGNUP

Chumba Casino and Global Poker also own LuckyLand Slots. Social casinos are a new phenomenon in the US, but they’ve already changed the game for fans of casino-themed online games.

Unlike typical internet casinos, exclusively available in a few jurisdictions, LuckyLand Slots is available in all 50 states. No payment is required to play at LuckyLand Slots.

WinStar Casino logo
WinStar Casino

3. WinStar Casino-5,000 Free Chips+ up to 2,800 chips daily 

Like other social casinos, WinStar can reward you with up to 2,800 chips daily just for logging in. The more days you log in, the bigger your benefit. It starts with 500 chips on Day 1 and goes up to 2,800 chips after 24 days. If you miss a day, you revert to Day 1.

Which games to play in Social Online Casinos?

This is a game-changer for everyone who enjoys the excitement of casino table games. The following is a comprehensive list of the social games available at social casinos.


Slots are a favorite game of millions of people. Therefore it’s no surprise that most social casinos on mobile have them. The themes and gameplay mechanics are astounding.

Here are some of the most common sub-categories of slots.

  • Social Casino Slots
  • The video slots have stunning images and animations. Most have many paylines, bonus games, and other fascinating features.
  • The 3D Slots category is for those who prefer 3D visuals.
  • Classic Slots – Fans of old-school slot machines will love the elegant simplicity of classic slots.
  • Progressive Slots – Some of the slot machines offer huge progressive jackpots.

If you want to play real money slots, check out our list of the best real money slots apps. There are casinos with hundreds of high-quality titles and outrageous bonuses.

Table Games

Table games such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and video poker are also available at social casinos. Some of the casinos even provide live dealer games.

In a live dealer game, you will place your bets, and a natural person will assist you throughout the game by running the rounds. Real-money tournaments are held on some social gambling platforms.

Best Social Casino Games for Mobile

Game NameBonusCasino
1.Magic Trixie 200 coins on SignupSlotomania
2.Goddess of Babylon 200 coins on SignupSlotomania

What is a Social Online Casino anyway?

Because of how they work, social casinos have dominated internet casinos. Imagine a world where you could play slots, blackjack, and poker without danger. So you can study the appropriate methods before going to a casino or playing online. What a find! You won’t have to if you join one of the most significant social casinos in America.

Instead of just trying to earn real money, the most significant social casino applications feature levels and awards. Some platforms even have leaderboards showing who is performing best.

One of the numerous advantages of social casinos is that you can have an authentic casino experience without risking your money.

You may still have fun seeing your virtual money develop, playing slots, and winning money. The only difference is you can’t cash out.

How does Social Online Casino work?

In contrast to online casinos, which allow players to wager real money on authentic casino games, social casinos will enable them to do so for free. Gamers can play against or with their friends on these sites in games like poker, slots, and other casino favorites.

What are Sweeps Coins?

Sweeps Coins are the entry tokens for the sweepstakes games offered by Global Poker, and they can only be utilized in those games. Sweeps Coins may provide a bonus of Sweeps Coins, or they can be obtained in other ways.

How to get Sweeps Coins?

Aside from your first welcome bonus, several ways to get free Sweeps Coins.

  • Bonus: When you buy large amounts of gold coins, you’ll get free sweep coins.
  • The daily login reward: Once a day, check in to your account and collect 100 Sweeps Coins (plus 1,000 Gold Coins).

Daily Bonus Free Sweeps

Additionally, when you purchase bundles of gold coins, you will receive complimentary sweepstakes coins to thank you for your business. Additional reductions and bonus codes can be found on the promotions page. A bonus for logging in every day: Log in to your account once a day to earn 100 sweeps coins (and 1,000 gold coins) for every hour you spend on the site.

How to use Sweep Coins?

Depending on your preference, you can participate in all of the casino’s games and, eventually, exchange your sweepstakes coins for cash deposited into your bank account or gift cards.

Can you win real money in Social Casinos?

Do social casinos offer the opportunity to win real money? No. The virtual coins can be used to play various slots and table games like roulette, but some also provide sweepstakes-style games in which players can win cash and prizes.

Which prizes can you win in Social Online Casinos?

This changes from sweepstakes to sweepstakes and is difficult to predict. A wide range of prizes are available, including tickets to shows, cruises, restaurants, cash awards; iPhones, iPods, sneakers, headphones, gift cards, and other valuable items.

How to claim prizes?

It’s easy to cash in your winnings. It’s a must. right? You don’t want to wait for days hoping that your money will come through.

Here are some common ways to get things back in Chumba and LuckyLand:

Usually, it takes less than three days to process a bank transfer. But this method makes up for how slow it is with how reliable it is.

Prize Out Gift Card: You can also use Prizeout to turn your Sweeps Coins into a gift card within 24 hours. The best thing about this choice is that you can choose discounted gift cards, which will help you make more money.

Skrill: E-wallets are a common way to do business online, and Skrill is one of the most well-known ones. With this option, you can get your money in 48 hours.

Benefits of playing at Social Casinos

Risk-FreeFree Daily BonusesSpecial PrizesInventive gamesInteractive

Risk-Free – No money to lose

The Social Casino is free to play, which is also a big plus. Most online gambling sites let you play for free. Playing free Social Casino games is great because you don’t have to risk anything, and the rules and tutorials are much easier to understand.

Free-to-play sites are a great way to brush up on your skills and get ready to play for real money.

Free Daily Bonuses

A big welcome bonus is another great perk. Almost every social casino site has a bonus for new players to get them to join, which is helpful when you only play a few hands of poker or blackjack at a time. You can use these bonuses to get thousands of dollars in free money to bet online.

Special prizes

To think that you can take part in a game for free and still be eligible to win real money seems implausible. Social casinos, on the other hand, are exactly what you’d expect. Play exclusive casino-like games with your free bonus money and win important prizes.

Fun and inventive games

Because the games are typically not for real money, the providers attempt to improve the user experience and make the games more enjoyable.


The social aspect of a social casino is one of its key benefits. Customers can play classic table games and slots in social casinos while chatting with other players.

Also, some of the most significant social casinos in the USA allow customers to invite friends and family. This is a terrific way to socialize, arrange competitions, and win prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

With in-game benefits, currencies, and virtual products that can be purchased with real money or site credits, you may encourage users to participate in the game (which are acquired with cash as well).
The rules governing social gambling vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If you're unsure about anything, call up the appropriate authorities.
There are a variety of social casino games that can be found on social networking websites. Zynga Poker and myVegas slots are among the most popular examples. Real money gambling and social casino games have a number of noteworthy differences.