Guide to Playing the Best Online Craps

Craps is one of the most loved casino games. It has bigger payouts, better odds, and casino bonuses than its competitors. Our guide tells you how you can improve your winnings by playing online craps with the top strategies.

Learn Everything About Winning Online Craps

This is your guide to playing online craps, from the basic rules to the winning strategies. Our craps guide has all the tips and strategy you need to play at your best! 

The house edge on the game depends on the type of bet you’re making. For example, an odds bet reduces the casino's advantage to practically nothing. A field bet, on the other hand, would yield a house edge of 5.56%.

Let's find out how to get rolling and winning!

What are the Best Craps Online Casinos in New Jersey?

Find the best craps games at these casinos! We based our choice on the casinos’ game selection, bonuses, and user experience. 
Craps has some bets with great odds (read about that below)! But some casinos try to make up for their low house edge with low payouts. So which casinos let you win most?

Craps at Virgin and Tropicana Online Casinos

Virgin and Tropicana have the craps games with the best payouts! By winning big on your wins, you fatten your bankroll and beat the house! Here’s our recommendation:
"Craps" by Gamesys. This has payouts that beat the pants off anything you'll find in a land-based casino:

  • 33-to-1 on 2’s and 12’s
  • 16-to-1 payouts on 3’s and 11’s 
  • 6x max odds on all Don’t Pass/Don’t Come bets
  • 5x max odds on 6 & 8 Pass/Come bets 
  • 4x on 5 & 9 and 3x on 4 & 10

What is Online Craps?

Online craps games are designed by a gaming software developer (also called a provider). Most online craps games are quite similar, but they may differ in payouts. They all use a Random Number Generator to make sure the game is random.

You can select your bets and bet amount easily. 

Why Play Craps Online?

There are lots of reasons why you should play craps online even if you love playing in brick-and-mortar casinos. 

  1. Online craps games offer features that are not available on the brick and mortar versions of the game.
  2. Players can adjust the game speed as well as have the luxury of quick and accurate calculations.
  3. In online versions of casino games, the wagering minimum is often much lower.
  4. A good no deposit welcome bonus will start you out $10-30 ahead of the house!
  5. By playing a basic strategy and following a couple of simple tips you can take the house edge on craps down to a near 50-50 shot.

Online craps is faster than casino craps as you're not waiting for the stickman and dealer to mess with your chips. (And especially because you don't have to wait for superstitious shooters to work through all their rituals!) There will also be no mistakes or confusion around the protocol, whose chips are whose, and when you can bet. That's all handled by the software.

Rules of Craps

The rules of craps are simple. In online craps the rules remain largely the same as live craps. The shooter is the person rolling the (virtual) dice. There are two dice to roll and players can place various bets. Take note every casino will offer different types of bets and different craps payouts.

However, all casinos will have a number of core bets to take advantage of. These will have pretty standard craps odds, no matter the casino.

How to Play Online Craps

The rules are simple and the betting options are immense. The course of action is determined by the players choice of bet.

  • Pass Line Bets - one of the more popular betting choices. This bet can be placed before the come out roll. If the come-out roll is a 7 or 11, the bet wins and pays even money. If the come-out roll is a 2, 3, or 12 the bet is lost. This is known as “crapping out.” If any other number is rolled, this number becomes the point and the game is considered “on.” From then onward, the player will win when the point is revealed before a 7 and will lose if a 7 is revealed before the point. Any other result will require the game to remain “on” and another roll is made until the bet is settled.
  • Don’t Pass Bets - This can be placed when the game is “off.” If the come-out roll is a 2, 3, or 12 the bet wins. The player loses if a 7 or 11 comes out after the roll.
  • Come and don't come bets - These bets are the same as the Pass Line and Don't pass bets, however, they can be placed when the game is “on.”
  • Odds bets - These bets are based on the other bets. However, odds bets can only be placed when the point has been set and can be removed after every roll.

Basic Bets in Craps

As the shooter, you can place the two most common bets, the ‘pass’ and the ‘don’t pass’ bet. These may be known in some casinos as a ‘win’ and a ‘don’t win’ bet. These bets are essentially bets on the outcome of the round, or, in other words, whether the shooter will win.

Every round of craps will have two phases. The first phase is the Come Out roll.

What Do the Dice Mean in Craps?

  • If you roll a 7 or 11, you automatically win your bet. This is called a natural win, and you can roll again.
  • If you roll a 2, 3, or 12, that's called craps. You'll lose your bet money, but you can still continue rolling.  
  • If you roll any other number (4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10), that number then becomes your "point." If you roll your point again, you've made a "pass." That means you win; you can collect your bet and roll again.
  • You lose if you roll a 7. That means that you don't just lose your bet, but the dice also goes to the next player. 
  • For example, let’s say you play craps online and you roll a 5. In this case, the dice continue to be rolled until either a 5 or a 7 appears. 7 means don’t pass wins and 5 means the pass bet wins.

That’s the end of a round of craps and the game continues.

Types of Bets and Odds in Craps

Craps has a lot of different types of bets. You can place a variety of exotic bets. They all come with different odds and payouts. This is where casinos tend to differ in how profitable they can be for the player.

Come/Don’t Come Bet

This bet pays even money and is essentially a personalized pass line bet. If you place this bet and the shooter either craps out or hits a natural then it acts like a pass/don’t pass bet.

If a point is set, this is the new pass line bet. For example, if the shooter hits a four a come bet wins if four hits again before a seven.

Odds Bet

These are extensions of the bet already described. It’s essentially about playing the odds and it reduces the house edge to zero. However, casinos usually limit stakes to three times the original wager to counter this.

Depending on the type of odds bet you place, the rules remain the same as the bets above. You can only place this side bet if a point is established.

Place Win/Lose Bet

A point must be established before this bet can be placed. You’re essentially betting on a specific number that will hit before a seven appears. The odds depend on the number you choose.

A place lose is essentially betting on a seven before your chosen number.

Buy/Lay Bet

These bets are the same as place bets. The only difference is the payouts are higher. The tradeoff for higher odds is a 5% commission is attached.

Big 6/Big 8 Bet

Big 6 and big 8 bets are other types of simple bets. You’re betting that a six or an eight will appear at any time before a seven.


Rolling a number the hard way is when you roll a double, so the same number appears on both dice. So you can bet on a hard way 4, 6, 8, or ten. Depending on the number you choose, the payout changes.

Again, you need to roll the double before a seven.


A field bet in craps online is always a bet on the next roll. You win if you roll anything but a 5, 6, 7, or 8. These bets pay even money. You win double, however, if a 2 or 12 is rolled.

There are other bets, but these are the most common bets you need to know about when playing online craps.

Don’t Play a Complex Bet

Do you feel like playing a field bet or a big 6 bet? Stop! Over a period of time, these bets are guaranteed to lose your money.

To reduce the casino's edge and to maximize your chances of success you should be never playing any bet other than the pass/don’t pass bets. These are not only the simplest bets but they also come with the best odds.

Play the Odds Bet

If the come-out roll doesn’t lead to a winner, you’ll have the opportunity to play an odds bet.

Once the point is set, play the odds bet at the maximum wager. It’s the single most powerful bet on a craps table as there’s no house edge.

Put down the maximum stake allowed.

An odds bet in craps is perhaps the best bet you can make in a casino, so take advantage of it.

Mix it Up with Two Come Bets

After your first pass line bet, play a couple of come bets to further increase your advantage. This will give you the chance to win if the point is hit or if your other two numbers hit.

Mathematically, this can be a smart bet to make.

Don't Fall for Gambler's Fallacy

Craps poses the threat of the gambler’s fallacy. This fallacy is caused by gamblers who think that the previous dice rolls somehow influence the next dice roll.

Smart gamblers know that every dice roll in craps is totally independent of any past roll.

Online Craps Strategy

There are few pieces of advice that gamblers agree on, but one of them is that your safest bet is betting behind the Pass line on the Come Out roll, or, what amounts to the same odds, on the Come line of the Point roll. Here you have even odds with the casino. How's that?

Betting Behind the Pass Line on the Come Out

There is an even number of ways to win or lose with the first roll. Winners are 7 and 11, losers are 2, 3, and 12. So why is that even? There are six combinations that make a 7, and 2 that make 11, meaning there are eight combinations that give you a natural win.

There's one way to score a 2, 2 for a 3, and 1 for a 12. So that's 4 combinations that make craps. If the game stopped there, there'd be no reason not to put tons of money behind the Come bet every time.

"But," you're wisely calculating, "8 is more than 4. So aren't I twice as likely to win? Shouldn't I be throwing all my money behind the line?" Well, if that were the end of the game, and if you could retract your Come Out bet, then definitely. But, understandably, casinos won't let you do that. So how do things get even between players and the casino?

The Come Bet

Craps has two opportunities for players to be on equal footing with the house. The first we've just seen: the behind the Pass line bet on the Come out. The second is the come bet. The terminology may be a little confusing here, but the first roll the shooter makes is the Come out, and you can bet the odds behind the Pass or Don't Pass lines. If the shooter rolls any number besides a 7 or 11 (which would be a win) or 2, 3, or 12 (craps), that number becomes their point number. 

But you can place money down on this second roll according to the same rules as the first roll; that is, it's the shooter's point roll, but for you, it's the Come Out. In a casino, you'd place your chips in the Come box, and in an online game, you'll do the equivalent. These are the same odds from the perspective of the bettor in that this also pays off at true odds with no house advantage. When you bet on the point bet, the odds are the same. The shooter will lose if they roll 7, but there is no penalty for rolling 2, 3, or 12.

Lucky 7? 

So you see that role of the number 7 passes after the Come Out. In the Come Out, you want to see it, because it means an automatic win for you (as does the 11). Odds are even for you and the house there, so that stands to be a good win. 

But once the point is set, you really don't want to see that 7. Rolling a 7 then is the end of the road for you.

No House Advantage in Craps?

You have two scenarios in which there is no house advantage in craps. For casino games, this is as good as it gets. As you might imagine, this 50-50 deal doesn't last long in craps, otherwise, casinos couldn't stay open. The remainder of the bets offered on the table each has some advantage to the casino, from slight to severe. The house is making a gamble of its own: that you'll be a bit greedy (or, what amounts to the same, "feel lucky") at least sometimes, and that you'll wager on one of those high risk, high payoff bets. 

Proposition Bets

There are a number of bets you can make on specific combinations that can be rolled. Obviously, these are higher stake rolls as it is difficult enough to correctly guess the number, much less the combination that will add up to that sum. Here are some of the combinations and their common payouts (though this may depend on the game you're playing:

  • 2 (Snake Eyes): pays 30 to 1.
  • 3 (Ace Deuce): 15 to 1.
  • 7 (Big Red): pays 4 to 1.
  • Eleven (Yo): pays 15 to 1. 
  • 12 (Boxcars, 2 6s): pays 30 to 1.
  • Any Craps: 2, 3 or 12, pays 7 to 1.

You'll notice that some bets pay more than others, and this is simply due to their likelihood of being rolled. You can roll 7 (Big Red) 6 different ways, so that's why it's payout is lowest. On the other hand, 2 and 12 can only be rolled one way - by doubling the 1 or 6 - which is why their payout is so high. 

There is a big jump in likelihood, payout, and strategy when we get to the propositions bets. In terms of likelihood, your odds can be as poor as 1 in 36, though you'll find that the payout doesn't quite match those odds. Still, payouts can be much, much more rewarding if you're willing to go out on a limb. No doubt, if you're lucky, you've got a big payout coming your way.

Finally, in terms of strategy, well, all the strategy you've been working on gets tossed aside a bit when we go to the proposition bets. We were playing good odds with the behind the lines bets and building up a gradual strategy. But with the proposition bets, we let go of the little strategy that's available in craps in order to go for it. Obviously this is your decision, and it's where the casino is looking to recuperate from the even bets offered on the behind the lines bets. 

The 6 or 8 Box

There are few absolutes in craps, but this is one we'll tell you: Do not ever bet on the 6/8 Box. Payouts are lower than making the same bet on the point, so put your money there. 

The 3-Point Molly Strategy

The 3-Point Molly strategy is one very popular approach to playing craps. While nothing is foolproof in games of luck, this gives you some of the strongest statistical likelihood of winning. It is a strategy of repeated, gradual wins to slowly build a big bank. It takes no large chances and offers a little opportunity of enormous payouts like folks who bet the proposition bets are hoping to score.

With the 3 Point Molly Strategy, you simply want to have 3 bets going behind the line at once. That is generally one behind the Pass line and two lined up on points. We definitely recommend having at least one of those be statistically most probable (i.e., 6 or 8). If you're feeling like pressing your luck a bit but not ready for a proposition bet, put some money down on a 4 or 10 here. You'll still see a good payout without being tied to being paid only on one combination. 

Different Types of Craps

Even though craps always looks the same in practically every casino, online craps comes with a number of variations.

It’s important to know how they differ so you can choose the right game of craps online for you.

Bank Craps

The most common variant of craps online is Bank Craps. This game can be found in practically every online casino.

The first difference you’ll notice is it uses a special table and a different layout. Bets are all made against the house, rather than other players.

However, the rules of craps remain the same.

Crapless Craps

Crapless Craps improves your odds on come out rolls. You can’t lose money on the come-out roll if you placed a pass line bet. Other than that, the rules of the game are the same.

Often known as Never Ever Craps, Ruse Craps, and Bastard Craps, you won’t find this in too many online casinos as it’s often not profitable enough to justify it.

High Point Craps

High Point Craps is a simple variation of the game and is highly recommended for new players.

To start with, if the shooter rolls 2 or 3 then these rolls are ignored and the game continues again. An 11 or 12 means the player wins automatically. Any other number is a point and the round moves to the next phase.

High Point Craps pays even money. But the casino's edge is higher than ordinary craps, at 2.35%.

Simplified Craps

The biggest difference in Simplified Craps is there’s only a single dice roll per round. Rolls of 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, and 12 is a win. Any other number is a loss.

However, the house edge is much worse than even High Point Craps. Expect to play against a 2.8% casino advantage in this game.

Die Rich Craps

Only one die is used in Die Rich Craps. This exotic variation of online craps is another easy variation for beginners to try out.

If you roll a one it’s an instant loss and if you roll a six it’s an instant win. Any other number will establish the point and the game moves to the next phase. The shooter then has three chances to hit their point number before they hit a one.

New York Craps

From the Eastern United States comes New York Craps. This is another craps game played on a special table. The double-end dealer table involves different bets. The come/don’t come and place bets aren’t eligible bets in this version of the game.

Players place bets on the box numbers of 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10. While you will get the true odds, the casino takes 5% commission on any wins.

New York Craps comes with a house edge of 5%.

A Brief History of Craps

Early versions of craps are said to originate from Ancient Rome. Legend has it that the soldiers of the Roman Army would use their shields as a table and the knucklebones of a pig as dice.

Others believe it originated from Al Dar, an Arabic dice game. These Arabic merchants then brought the game to Europe sometime in the 1100s.

The most likely origin comes from the game of Hazard, which dates back to the Crusades. The name ‘craps’ itself comes from the French word crapaud. This translates to a toad, which is clearly a reference to how players would squat to shoot dice on the streets.


As you see, craps doesn't have to be a crapshoot. It has two of the safest bets in all casino games, and you can mount a slow campaign to walk home a winner. If you want to try your odds and chance a big win, craps also has some high payouts if luck is on your side. Practice your strategy, go out on a limb if you feel like it, and bet like there is a tomorrow.


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