Slingo Extreme
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Slingo Extreme

Provider: Slingo Originals

A unique combination of slots and bingo Win up to 500x your bet Beware of the devil – he blocks…

Slingo Extreme Review

  • A unique combination of slots and bingo
  • Win up to 500x your bet
  • Beware of the devil – he blocks potential wins

This mash-up from Slingo Originals has a low to medium volatility and a Slingo Extreme RTP of 95%. In this review, you’ll also learn where to play Slingo Extreme Slots. This game is available on mac/PC, smart phone, and other mobile devices through the browser because of HTML5 technology.

Slingo Extreme has added features like jokers and free spins, making this casual game a few notches more exciting.

ProviderSlingo Originals
  • Free Spins
  • Scatter
Minimum Bet(all lines covered) $0.05
Maximum Bet $100
Top Win$50,000

Where to play Slingo Extreme

Slingo Extreme Symbols and Payouts

With 12 paylines, this five-reel game works by creating straight channels where all the numbers have been selected.

Whether they’re horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines, all five digits ranging between 1 and 75 need to be crossed.


There are five symbols for the different elements of this game. Four of the five add value and increase your winnings, but there’s one hellish character that goes against the grain.

All in favor of a great victory game will be the joker, super joker, free spin, and golden coins. The character rebelling against it all is the devil, popping up when you need him least!

slingo win


The scatters for this game are the jokers, adding to your winnings in clusters of 5, 4, and 3. Five of them get you $5, $2 for four, and $0.5 for 3 of these guys in one landing.

Slingo Extreme Min/Max Bets

The minimum you can wager is 0.5 coins, with the maximum bet being 100 coins, despite your currency.

Slingo Extreme RTP and Volatility

In this game, the low to medium volatility and the average RTP of 95% make large winnings more challenging. Lower value wins do happen, but big wins are far and few between.

Slingo Extreme Maximum Win

This combo game doesn’t have a jackpot, but there are max winnings of x500 for which to play. To achieve this unanticipated event, you need to obtain a full house where all paylines are filled strategically.

Slingo Extreme Features

You’re presented with a red card, filled with random numbers ranging from 1 to 75 as you would in bingo. There’s a paytable to the left of it and the right, with 11 balls for playing the game. In your 11 shots at the game, you have the chance of landing one of five fun hidden symbols.

Wilds and Other Base Game Features

The wild scatter symbols will be the jokers, as they are the two symbols that most frequently pop up to add value to your gaming experience. They can turn up in sets of three or more at a time when the going’s good, increasing your winnings.


As mentioned before in this Slingo Extreme review, the jokers are the leading symbol you’ll find in your game. Three other characters play a positive role in your gaming enjoyment, one of those fighting it where he can.

You’ll get to know these elements a little better below:

  • Joker: This is the blue and red guy that lets you mark any one of the numbers in the reel above him.
  • Super joker: The green and yellow character that opens the whole grid up for your picking.
  • Free spin: You earn an extra spin that’s playable after the 11-spin base game.
  • Devil: The blocking symbol that we hope to avoid as he doesn’t work in your favor.
  • Coins: Landing the stack of coins gives you an instant cash prize that’s added to your winnings.
double slingo

Slingo Extreme Free Spins

Free spins happen by chance when playing this game and can’t be explicitly triggered. When you do land them, you can score a max of eight per game.

In other words, the free spin symbol pops up, like the jokers and coins do, while you play your 11-ball game. Whether you get one or the highest of eight free spins, they play after your 11 base-game moves are made.

Graphics & Sound

With all its red color and flaming balls, this hot-as-hell theme hasn’t got the best graphics or effects. The sounds signify haste with the rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack and the electric guitar taking the lead when you play a ball.


Other Slots to Play if You like Slingo Extreme Slot

Suppose you’re a fan of this game or want to try other games by the Slingo Originals, like Slingo Lucky Streak.

Its volatility is higher, but the RTP is the same, and the grid is handled the same way. Slingo Lightning can be what you’re looking for if you want a Slingo game with the same volatility.

This title has a weather theme with the opportunity of endless spins and is fast-paced as well.

Slingo Extreme Review – Conclusion

This fusion game is refreshing in its bingo outlay, and the twist of being high-speed adds a blast of excitement.

The thrill of having the jokers on your side and the devil against you builds up with every spin. You want one, but not the other, and you don’t know what you get until you spin!

The graphics are a tad disappointing, as you expect a bit more zest with effects. Its speed, combined with only 11 spins, cuts the game short, which is a downer. Overall, this game is enjoyable and worth a few rounds of fiery fun.