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Live Dealer Casinos in New Jersey

Players love the thrill of being in a casino with a live dealer. Live casino games lend the  excitement of watching a croupier spin the roulette wheel or seeing the blackjack dealer pass out cards. Players also love convenience. - even more so now than ever before! That’s why developers have introduced live casino games to the NJ online gambling market.

Live dealer casino games such as live roulette, live blackjack, and even live poker are run exactly as they would be in a regular casino however it is viewed by the player online. Players can enjoy just about any casino game from the comfort of their own homes these days. The games are securely run with security and fairness measures to ensure a quality experience each time.

Most online casinos in New Jersey have a live dealer casino available so that players can indulge in that unique casino experience with the ease and flexibility of playing at home. Live casinos allow you to play against real players with real dealers, from anywhere in the state of New Jersey.

About Live Dealer Casinos

A live casino is a setting in which players can play online casino games, yet still, experience the thrill of being in a real casino. In a live casino online, players can watch the dealer hand out the cards and observe the spinning of the roulette wheel, while enjoying it from the comfort of their home or from the flexibility of playing on a mobile device.

Live casino games are played in a real casino setting and then streamed in real-time. When playing a live casino online game, you are playing against real players instead of a machine. Therefore, the outcome is not determined by a random number generator, as it is when you are playing against the computer. Instead, a live dealer casino game is played physically on camera. The player can see the croupier spin the roulette wheel in a game of live roulette or watch the dealer hand out real cards in a game of live blackjack.

There are some differences, however. In a live dealer casino game, players do not have actual chips. Also, payouts are managed automatically through computer systems. These live casino games can be played from anywhere in New Jersey as long as an internet connection is attainable.

When can you play with a live dealer casino?

These live dealer casino games take place at certain times of the day in New Jersey. If players are interested in participating, they must join a table on a live casino site. Live dealer casinos are created in a studio where the dealers play the game on camera, which is then streamed in real-time so players can watch the dealers’ moves. The streaming times are posted on online casino sites. Players must refer to the online casinos for live dealer casino schedules.

Benefits of Live Dealer Casinos

Casino games played in real-time can be much more entertaining than their digital counterparts. This is because it takes the player much closer to being in an actual casino, without actually playing at the physical casino. Players can enjoy the comfort of their own homes while experiences a part of the thrill of being in a land-based casino.

In a casino live dealer game, players can enjoy the social aspect of interacting with a real dealer. As the dealer is an actual person, they are able to assist the player when needed. These live dealers can usually answer questions about promotions and bonuses that the online casino is currently offering as well.

Games played in an online casino live are more likely to have lower minimum bets compared to tables in a land-based casino. Therefore, if a player is on a budget, live casino games may be the better option.

There’s no arguing that playing in a real casino is the more exciting option, however, playing in an online casino live, comes with more comfort and convenience.

The Live Dealer Casino Situation in New Jersey

Live casino online games were introduced to the New Jersey market by Golden Nugget Casino. Betfair NJ was first to follow suit, offering live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat. Golden Nugget Casino even introduced a live dealer Casino Hold’em in 2017. The live dealer casino games for Golden Nugget as well as for Betfair, are operated out of a studio space in Golden Nugget Atlantic City.

In order to participate in live dealer casino games, players must be at least 21 years of age. Players must also be located within the state borders of New Jersey in order to play any NJ online casino games. It is required that players register and make a deposit with a licensed live dealer casino in order to participate in their games. Live dealer games are not available for free, unlike slots and standard table games. Live casinos are operated by real people in real-time as opposed to playing against a machine.

Different live dealer casino tables have different limits. For example, if you are playing on a budget, you can search for a live casino with the lowest table limits so that you do not have to wager very much each round.

Another way to play live casino games on a budget would be to find a no deposit bonus offer. These are usually available in casino welcome packages, allowing new players to try casino games for free before wagering their own money.

Best Live Dealer Casino Games in NJ

There are so many live casino online options to choose from in New Jersey now that they have become so popular. These online casinos are partnering up with some of the industry’s very best developers to create the most exciting and original NJ live dealer games.

The most common live dealer games in New Jersey are live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat games. These are streamed in high-quality HD from some of the best casino studios.

Live Dealer Games

Live Blackjack 

Blackjack is the most popular casino game in New Jersey and this doesn’t surprise us one bit. Having the lowest house edge along with the excitement of card counting makes blackjack a game for all skill levels.

In New Jersey there a several options for playing live blackjack. Golden Nugget Casino NJ has the largest selection of online blackjack tables. Each of their 5 tables has different minimum and maximum bets. Classic Live Blackjack offers a minimum of $10, however, players can find a Live Unlimited Blackjack game which offers a minimum bet of just $1! Live Unlimited Blackjack offers a special Auto Split feature which allows players to jump in the game at any time.

The advantage of playing live blackjack in an NJ online casino is that the game offers a high RTP. At Golden Nugget Casino, blackjack comes with an outstanding RTP of 99%! In Unlimited Blackjack, the RTP even rises up to 99.56%. Players are up against a lower house edge at online casinos than they are in a land-based NJ casino.

Live Roulette

Roulette is a favorite of many casino players. While each player is responsible for their own bets, there is a real sense of community around the roulette wheel. Big wins are celebrated by everyone!

Now that there's live roulette, you can have that excitement in your own home (or office party). Live roulette gives you a real dealer and a real wheel. All the normal bets are available to you as well.

You won't find all the options available in some software-based online roulette games, but if you're looking for an authentic, classic roulette experience wherever you are, live online roulette is your ticket!

Golden Nugget $ 1,000 bonus.

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Live Poker

Live poker is another favorite in New Jersey. Players can find live poker at a few different NJ online casinos, including PlaySugarHouse and 888 Casino.

Three Card Poker Live is one of the most popular live poker options online. The goal in this version of live poker is to achieve the best poker hands with only 3 cards. Players are not actually competing against one another in this game, therefore, any number of players can enjoy this game live simultaneously.

Card counting and Live Dealer Online Blackjack

Can you count cards while playing online blackjack? The answer is yes and no.

Card counting is a tactic where players keep track of the cards that are played to try to determine the likelihood of receiving a high-value card. Popular card counting systems include the Zen, Hi-Lo, and K-O (Knock Out). A major obstacle to card counting in a land-based casino is that the dealer can often tell when players are counting cards by watching them. 

Card counters tend to have visual tells, but the dealer can't see you in live online blackjack, so that means you can count cards, right? Well, not so fast. Card counters also make certain bets that are not always wise in terms of actual blackjack strategy. For example, splitting 10s or not doubling down on a hard 10 or 11. Dealers are trained to detect whether you're counting cards based on when you hit, split, and double in blackjack, and they don't need to see your face to do that.

Still, it is likely that you'll have better chances avoiding being dismissed from a table for counting cards in live blackjack than you would at a physical casino. You can yell out your count as loud as you like, and the dealer will never know!

Online blackjack allows you to practice counting cards regardless of whether you bet according to the card counting system. It is much more important that you have a good blackjack strategy in place, and for that, we'd recommend our online blackjack strategy guides to you. 

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Evolution Gaming Live Dealer Casino Games

Evolution Gaming’s live dealer options are attractive to a variety of players’ tastes and budgets. The company’s comprehensive suite of live dealer casino games has seen much success.  .The company opened its live casino studio in New Jersey as it plans to continue expanding the game selection.

Currently, Evolution Gaming offers live blackjack, live roulette, live Three Card Poker, and many, many more! The launch of Lightning Roulette recently gained some attention due to its blend of RNG gameplay to the popular game of live roulette. There are extra rewards that come with Lightning Roulette via Lucky Number and Lucky Payouts.

After much success in Europe, Evolution Gaming stepped into the US market and players can now find Evolution Gaming’s selections at PlaySugarHouse and 888 Casino NJ.

SugarHouse $ 250 bonus.

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Live dealer casinos show their live casino games schedules on their websites. Golden Nugget Casino and Betfair both host live dealer games in New Jersey from 10 am to 4 pm (EST), with the exception of Live Casino Floor Roulette at Golden Nugget. This game is actually streamed from the casino floor and is available 24/7. Most live dealer casino games at PlaySugarHouse and 888 Casino NJ are hosted from 11 am to 3 pm.

If you are looking for a unique casino experience without sacrificing comfort and convenience, look no further than NJ live dealer casinos. Check out what this exciting new market has to offer and try your luck in a live casino game today!

Live Dealer Online Casino Games at Golden Nugget

Golden Nugget Live Dealer

Golden Nugget has a great selection of online casino games. There you'll find:

  • Live Blackjack
  • Live High Limit Blackjack
  • Live Unlimited Blackjack
  • Live Casino Holdem
  • Live Roulette
  • Live Multiview Roulette
  • Live Baccarat

As you see, Golden Nugget offers the most popular table games, with many great variations of blackjack available. 

Golden Nugget $ 1,000 bonus.

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