Texas Hold’em Poker

Discover the classic poker game!

Poker is the world's most popular card game, especially when talking about Texas Hold'Em Poker. This classic version of poker is played by millions worldwide. However, not everyone knows how to play Texas Hold'Em Poker. Stick with us as we teach you the basics of Texas Hold'Em Poker strategy.

What’s Texas Hold’Em Poker?

Texas Hold’Em Poker is the most popular variant of poker and the one that nearly every poker enthusiast knows how to play. The game consists of a dealer and several players, who receive two cards each – the hole cards. 

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After the hole cards, the dealer deals five cards to the table in three major phases with a betting round. The objective is to have the best hand on the table by combining hole cards with community cards. 

There are many reasons why players prefer this version over others:

  1. The Texas Hold’Em Poker Rules and easy to learn.
  2. You can easily find Texas Hold’Em Poker online games.
  3. Texas Hold’Em Poker payouts are generally higher due to the larger player base.

How to Play Texas Hold’Em – Breakdown of a Game Round

A round of Texas Hold’Em Poker can be divided into six phases, each involving specific actions. See what happens in each phase with our guide below:


The blinds are two forced bets made by the first two players after the dealer button. There are two blinds: small and big. The former is equal to half the minimum bet, while the latter equals the minimum bet at the table. The dealer button rotates every round, so each player must eventually place a blind to play.


poker - pre-flop

This is the phase where the dealer deals each player their hole cards face down. After every player has their cards, a betting round ensues. During this round, players must match the big blind to continue in the game.

The player in the big blind position is the only one that can check, not placing a bet.


poker - flop

During the flop, the dealer discards a card and deals three others face up on the table. Players must use the cards placed on the table to create their hands. A round of betting follows this phase. 


poker  - turn

In this phase, the dealer discards an additional card and deals one more on the table. As usual, the turn is followed by a round of betting.


poker - river

The river is the phase where the fifth and last card is dealt on the table. Before the dealer places the fifth card on the table, he discards a final card. Players have another chance to bet against each other during this phase.


The showdown happens when two or more players remain, meaning they matched their bets until that point. Players still in the game are required to show their hands. The winner takes the entire pot.

Where Can You Play the Best Texas Hold’Em Poker Games?

As the most popular card game of all time, it’s incredibly easy to find online casinos where you can play Texas Hold’Em Poker. Take a look at the best online casinos where you’ll find this game:

Top video Texas Hold’Em Poker

Unlike other poker variants, Texas Hold’Em Poker isn’t available as a virtual version on reputable casino sites. You’ll have to join an online table and play against other real players.

Top live Texas Hold’Em Poker

Texas Hold’Em Poker games are usually played live, putting you up against other players. You can try the best live Texas Hold’Em poker at the following online casinos:

  • Pokerstars
  • 888 Poker

Learn the Rules And Odds Of Texas Hold’Em Poker

Even though it’s a complex game with many variables, Texas Hold’Em Poker rules are simple and easy to learn. Learn more with the table below:

Royal Flush10♣ J♣ Q♣ K♣ A♣649,739 to 1
Straight Flush5♥ 6♥ 7♥ 8♥ 9♥72,192 to 1
Four of a Kind8♦ 8♠ 8♣ 8♥4,164 to1
Full HouseA♣ A♦ K♣ K♥ K♦693 to 1
FlushA♦ 3♦ 5♦ 8♦ 10♦508 to 1
Straight8♠ 9♦ 10♦ J♠ Q♥254 to 1
Three of a Kind7♥ 7♣ 7♦ 46.3 to 1
Two Pair2♠ 2♣ Q♥ Q♦20 to 1
Pair9♣ 9♦1.37 to 1
High CardA♠0.995 to 1
Hand rankings of Texas Hold’Em

Goal of the game

The goal of Texas Hold’Em Poker is to be the last player standing and take the pot. You can win by making the best hand combination, forcing your opponents to fold with higher bets, or leading them to think you have a better hand. To understand the rules, you need to learn about the Texas Hold’Em Poker hands and odds.

Texas Hold’Em Poker Bets

It’s essential to know the Texas Hold’Em Poker bets before getting started. In poker, players act in turns in a clockwise manner. Until a bet is made, players are allowed to “check”, which means they don’t have to place a bet. After a bet is made, players can choose to call, raise, re-raise, fold, or go all in. See below for more information:


Checking means declining to make a bet. Players can only check if no previous bets were placed in the current phase of the game. During the pre-flop, the big blind is the only player that can check, as he previously placed his forced bet.


When players call, they match the current highest bet. The current betting round ends when all players in the game have called the same amount.


A raise means increasing the size of the current bet by betting over the previous highest amount.


A re-raise occurs when a player bets more than an opponent previously raised. Keep in mind there are rules to re-raise. If someone previously raised $100, the re-raise must be at least an equal amount.


Going all-in means betting your entire bankroll. However, players with more money don’t have to all in to match your bet. They can bet an equal amount. For instance, if you go all-in with $1,000, a player with a bankroll of $2,000 only has to bet half his stack.


When players fold, they don’t want to match the current bet. They are out of the game until the next round.

Texas Hold’Em Poker – RTP, Payouts, and House Edge

This section will teach you everything you need to know about Texas Hold’Em Poker RTP, payouts, and house edge. Have a look:

Texas Hold’Em Poker RTP

Texas Hold’Em Poker doesn’t have an RTP rate. This is because the house doesn’t participate in the game. Therefore, returns will depend on the players’ skills and bets placed throughout the game.

Texas Hold’Em Poker payouts

In some poker variants, the payouts range depending on the hand obtained. However, Texas Hold’Em Poker payouts vary according to the players at the table. Games with higher stakes or more players typically have higher payouts, while amateur games often have small payouts.

Texas Hold’Em Poker house edge

As previously mentioned, the house doesn’t participate in Texas Hold’Em Poker. For this reason, the house has no edge over the player. However, remember that the house may have an advantage over the players in other poker variants.

Texas Hold’Em Poker vs Other Variants

See how Texas Hold’Em Poker compares to other popular poker variants:

Texas Hold’Em Omaha7-Card StudCaribbean Stud
BetsCall, Raise, All-In, CheckCall, Raise, All-In, CheckAnte, Call, Raise, All-In, CheckAnte, Raise
House edgeN/AN/AN/A5.22%
PayoutDepends on the bets placedDepends on the bets placedDepends on the bets placedFrom 1:1 to 100:1
Popular Poker Variants Compared

Texas Hold’Em vs Omaha Poker

Texas Hold’Em Poker is very similar to Omaha Poker. The main difference is that players receive four hole cards instead of two. They must also pick two out of their four hole cards to create a winning combination.

Texas Hold’Em vs 7-Card Stud Poker

In 7-Card Stud Poker, there are no community cards. Instead, players receive seven cards, from which they must create a five-card hand to go against other players.

Texas Hold’Em vs Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud is very different from Texas Hold’Em Poker. In this variant, players go against the dealer and must pay an “ante” bet before proceeding. After the cards are dealt, players must place an additional ante. The dealer can only qualify if he has A-K or a better hand.

Texas Hold’Em Poker Strategies for All Levels

Choosing a Texas Hold’Em Poker strategy depends on your skill level. Check out the best strategies for beginners and advanced players in the table below:

Strategy Why are they good for this level of player?
Texas Hold’em strategies for beginner playersBasic Texas Hold’Em StrategyHelps players know when to call/raise and teaches how to calculate the pot odds.
Texas Hold’em strategies for advanced playersGTO Strategy Exploitative StrategyDesigned to defend players or help them exploit their opponents for better profits.

Basic poker strategy

Basic poker strategy works like a set of guidelines players must follow to comprehend better how the game works. It includes waiting for a good hand, playing aggressively, knowing when to raise or call, and quickly calculating the Texas Hold’Em Poker odds. By following these basic tips, players will better understand the game.

Game theory optimal strategy

Game theory optimal, or GTO, is considered the perfect poker strategy. It involves high-level strategy and game mechanics designed to make you unexploitable, such as:

  • Hand reading – This means identifying and predicting your opponent’s hands with the highest accuracy. 
  • Tells – The goal is to identify other players’ actions and see what they tell you about their game.

Exploitative strategy

This strategy is based on GTO, although it mixes exploitative elements. It’s designed to maximize profits by exploiting your opponent’s weaknesses. Some consider it the ultimate Texas Hold’Em Poker strategy.

Avoid These Beginner Mistakes

While Texas Hold’Em Poker is a simple game, it requires a lot of experience and knowledge to master. Luckily, there are a few mistakes you can avoid that will ultimately make you a better player than most amateurs, such as:

  1. Letting emotions guide you.

If you’re affected by your emotions, perhaps it’s time to call it a day. Getting angry can lead you to make poor decisions, costing you money.

  1. Bluffing too often.

Bluffing should always be random. If you bluff too often, players will quickly notice.

  1. Playing loose.

Loose players will chase hands more often. Consider waiting for a good hand before betting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Texas Hold'Em Poker is a skill-based casino game that can benefit from strategies. Strategies won't make you get a better hand, but they can teach you how to turn the game in your favor.
Texas Hold'Em Poker is the most popular poker variant. It's also easy to learn and is widely available at most online casinos.
Technically, yes. Since it's so popular, Texas Hold'Em Poker tables are available for any budget. Additionally, the top tournaments are played with this version.
Texas Hold'Em Poker doesn't have an RTP rate, as the house doesn't participate in the game.