Casino Terminology

Just for a moment, try to picture oneself moving to a new country without any prior understanding of the alphabetical…

Just for a moment, try to picture oneself moving to a new country without any prior understanding of the alphabetical organization of the native language. What are some of the things you anticipate will happen as a result of that? It’s the same as trying to have fun at an online casino when you don’t understand any of the lingo used there.

In the next part, you will come across the most thorough and up-to-date vocabulary guide for use in online casinos that can be found. Our team of casino experts here at will continue to revise and improve this page at regular intervals.


Casino TermDefinition
21 + 3When playing Blackjack, a player can wager on a three-card poker hand based on their two cards and the dealer’s up card.
243 Ways to WinOn these slots, there are no paylines. The icons on neighboring reels do not have to be in any particular arrangement.
3 Reel SlotIn a typical slot machine, there are only three reels that spin.
3D Video SlotsPowerful video slots with a large range of animations and unique effects.
5 Reel SlotToday, you can find five-reel slots in both brick-and-mortar casinos and online gambling establishments alike.
86’dGetting ’86’d’ implies you’ve been kicked off the casino site, and no Blackjack player wants to hear that.



A listing of all casino-related terms that begin with the letter A.

Casino TermDefinition
ABC PokerPlaying poker “by the book”, basic poker playing style
AceIn poker, the Ace card (A) can be counted as either 1 or 11.
Ace RichThe usage of a term to describe the shoe or deck is common when there have been few aces distributed.
AdvantageOne side’s statistical advantage as a percentage of the stake. Card counting sometimes gives gamers an edge over the casino.
AnchormanIt refers to the last person to act before the dealer (sat closest to the dealer’s right) it the blackjack table.
Active PaylinePaylines are used to place wagers. In certain slots, you may choose your paylines, while in others, they are fixed.
AutospinPlayers can pick the number of spins for a certain bet level and time period. Favored by online gamers.


A listing of all casino-related terms that begin with the letter B.

Casino TermDefinition
Back CountingAs a spectator, back-counting or “wonging” is a method of counting cards from the back of the table.
BaccaratAs the name suggests, the lowest possible hand in baccarat is baccarat, where the bank or the player both have a score of 0.
BackdoorUsing the final two cards that were dealt. In most cases, this play goes unnoticed.
Back OffMost casinos have a “Back Off” or “Bet Restrict” policy that instructs blackjack players to reduce their bets. It’s not a ban, but it’s a start.
BarredIn the case of card counters who have already been 86’d, certain players may be banned from a casino for good.
Bad beatWhen a player with a good hand loses to a player with a poor hand by chance or the luck of the draw, this is called a bad beat.
Balanced CountBalanced card counting equals the total of negative and positive cards. “Balanced Count” refers to a zero-count deck.
BancoThe Spanish term for “bank” is “banco.” When playing Baccarat, this refers to the person who is in charge of dealing the cards. Players call ‘Banco’ to wager against the dealer.
Banker BetIf you’re looking for the greatest odds in Baccarat, the Banker Choice is your best bet.
BanqueTwo-table Baccarat is a French version of the game. Played with one hand versus two hands on each side, the Banker sits in the middle.
BankrollThe sum of money a player has set aside specifically to be used in online casino games.
Basic StrategyA “Basic Strategy” for Blackjack is regarded to be the finest strategy. Taking into consideration other cards in hand and the dealer’s hand, players can make the most advantageous options for their hands.
Bet (General)The amount of money bet on a certain outcome of a casino game, such as a slot machine spin or a hand of cards.
Bet (Poker)When a player uses their poker chips to put a bet on their hand.
Bet BehindBlackjack games like Live dealer Blackjack let you to bet on the hands of your opponents. When the tables are full, this is a common’side bet,’ and it greatly increases the scalability of multiplayer games.
Bet Correlation“Bet correlation” refers to the relationship between card values and fresh card deals in blackjack. It measures a card counting system’s ability to anticipate winning hands.
Bet Spread“Bet Spread” refers to the highest and lowest bets in blackjack. 1-5 betting spreads allow 1 to 5 units each hand.
Betting SystemBlackjack players use betting techniques to maintain and grow bankrolls. Any system can be negative or positive, with many variations. Paroli and Parlay are popular bets.
Big BlindThe player sitting second in the round, according to action, is required to make a forced wager.
Big PlayerIn a game of Blackjack, a Big Player is a member of a card counting team who places large bets when the odds favor counting. In order for them to be summoned,’spotters’ are needed.
Black BookEvery brick-and-mortar and online casino has a black book, which is a list of players who are not allowed to play Blackjack at that particular establishment.
Black Chip (Blackjack)A $100 Chip
Block Bet A big number of numbers covering a chunk of the roulette betting field.
Bluff / BluffingPretending that they have a better hand than they actually have so that the other players would fold.
Bottom PairOne of the two hole cards is referred to as a “bottom card” when it matches one on the board.
Brown/Chocolate Chip (Blackjack)A $5000 Chip. 
BoxAt a blackjack table, players place their wagers in a box in front of them.
Burn Card (Blackjack)Before dealing, the dealer places a face-down card on the table. The ‘burn card’ prevents the first player from guessing the first card.
BustBust denotes a player’s hand is a losing one or exceeds the 21-point limit.
Bust CardCard that causes a player or dealer to lose their whole hand in Blackjack.
Bust ItSide bets in blackjack that cover the case where the dealer busts with at least three cards are referred to variously as “Buster” or “Bust Bonus” bets.
Buttonthe individual who will be playing from the dealer position is identified by a special token. Blinds may be identified with the button.
Buy a PaySome slot machines only let you win the biggest payouts if you wager a specific amount of money. There is a fee to participate in the big prize competition. Compare the cost of a feature against the cost of purchasing it.
Buy a FeaturePayouts and limited features in some slot games are both comparable.


A listing of all casino-related terms that begin with the letter C.

Casino TermDefinition
Call / CallingWhen a player bets the same as before. Fundraising requires a phone call.
CallerBaccarat’s important position. This casino staffer provides more cards as needed.
Card CountingNoting the card values can help predict the last few cards’ appearance.
Card RouletteStandard card decks have two jokers. European and American roulette favor the house.
CarouselA “cluster” is a cluster of slot machines.
Cascading ReelsOnline slots have a new feature. After a win, more symbols increase payouts. Originals updated. Finn and Swirly Spin games include this.
Cash OutAfter a game, players can cash out. Virtual cash is exchanged for real money.
CashbackRegular gamers can get money back. Depending on the circumstances, it might be a typical casino promotion, a loyalty program bonus, or a slots club card incentive.
Casino BonusAll bets in ‘Change Only’ craps must be made using chips that are swapped for cash.
Certified SlotsThis slot offers a 98% to 100% RTP. Usually apparent.
Change onlyAll bets in ‘Change Only’ craps must be made using chips that are swapped for cash.
Charlie“Charlie” or “Six Card Charlie” is used when a player has 5 or 7 cards and doesn’t go broke. This wins big.
CheckA player may not bet while it’s their turn. This move is allowed if there was no previous bet or raise.
Check RaiseA player double-checks his or her previous wager before rising again in the same betting round.
Cheque changePlayers can divide chips at the check change.
ChequesIn land-based casinos, baccarat is played with special chips known as checks.
Chip DownIt is possible for players to lower their bets from the previous hand.
Chip UpA player’s prior wager might be rolled over to the next hand.
Classic SlotsThree-reel, one-payline slots are popular. Online casinos provide vintage slots, sometimes called “classic slots.”
Coin SizeIn terms of the value of a coin, the amount of money you’re wagering. You may usually pick how many coins you wish to bet on each pay line in most slots.
Cold DeckCold decks in blackjack shoe boxes are those that consistently dispense lousy cards, resulting in large losses.
Cold DiceSometimes dice shooters go without scoring for a while.
Cold NumbersA spin hasn’t drawn 37 numbers.
Color UpCertain blackjack players may ask the dealer to switch low-denomination chips for higher ones during a hand. This is called “coloring up” since they’re more vivid.
Column BetBets covering a third of the wheel pay 2:1.
Come BetThe come bet must be put before the first dice roll.
Come Out RollThe Come Out Roll begins a craps betting round.
CommissionWhen a player wins a “Banker” bet in Baccarat, the casino takes a 5% cut.
Community CardsAll players share face-up communal cards.
Corner BetEuropean Roulette’s four corner bets pay 8.1:1 and have a 10.8% probability of winning.
CoupFrench calls baccarat “roule.”
Crapless Craps“Crapless craps” treats 2, 3, 11, and 12 like 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10.
Crazy 7To win, a player must have three cards of the same suit, and a Three of A Kind is the best outcome.
CreditsReal money is traded for slots credits at online casinos.
CroupierCasino dealers accept and pay winning bets.
CSMCSM prohibits card counting in casinos.
CutAfter shuffling, the dealer’slices’ the cards. Before dealing, reshuffle the cards.
Cut CardA land-based casino dealer uses a plastic-wrapped card to cut the deck of cards.


Table of all casino-related words starting with D.

Casino TermDefinition
D9Double-down on 9, 10, or 11
DA9Any two cards can be doubled.
DASWhen a player doubles following a split.
Dealer PairA blackjack side bet that pays out when the dealer gets a mixed, color, or suited pair.
Dealer PeekDealers can peek for blackjack with an Ace or 10.
DeckWhen playing blackjack, some casinos shuffle 52-card decks.
Deck PenetrationA deck’s or shoe’s played part before reshuffling.
DenominationCasino chips have varied values.
DeviationBasic strategy players make count-based adjustments.
DiscardsBlackjack discards are handed cards. When a new shoe is needed, the discards are reshuffled and utilized.
Discards TrayThe dealer discards cards into a table tray.
Don’t Come BetDon’t Come Bets are made after the come out roll.
Don’t Pass BetThe opposite of Pass is Don’t Pass. Don’t pass loses on 7 or 11, but wins on 2 or 3.
Double ZeroIt’s exclusively on American roulette wheels.
Double (Down)The proportion of a deck or shoe played before reshuffling.
Double PitchWhen both dice stay on the axis, but one spins two faces more than the other. If players set their dice with the same face, such a hard way or 3V set, they’ll roll a seven.
Double Street BetTwo streets, one corner, and one straight-up number make up a bet. A street has six 5:1 numbers.
Down CardFace-down card that stays down until play is called.
Dozen Bet12 number groups 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36 can be gambled on. The dozen pays 2:1.
Dragon BonusIn Baccarat, a player wins if their selected hand wins by at least four points.
DrawPlayers can draw or request more cards.
DropDeposited funds.
DropsSlot machine symbols fall instead of spinning.


Table of all casino-related words starting with E.

Casino TermDefinition
Early SurrenderAfter two cards, blackjack players can quit.
A player with a natural hand with a dealer Ace up gets this.
Easy wayOther than doubles, roll an even number. 4, 6, 8, and 10 alone.
Edge SortingBaccarat sorts cards based on minute manufacturing differences.
Even moneyEven money has equal odds, thus the bettor may win or lose the same amount.
Expected ValueExpected Value is a period’s statistical value. Short-term results seldom match player expectations. In time, real results catch up to Expected Value.
EyeballsCraps players call rolling two aces or ones “eyeballs”


Table of all casino-related words starting with F.

Casino TermDefinition
Face CardFace cards refer to the Jack, Queen, or King in a deck of cards.
Face CardsFace cards are Jacks, Queens, and Kings of any suit in Baccarat and other card games.
FadingWhen betting against a person, casinos use this word. Baccarat land-based exclusively.
FeatureMeans a game’s rewards. It’s the best bonus round.
Fever fiveA roll with five sides. Sometimes called “five fever.”
FibonacciWhen you lose, you raise your bets to try to get back some of the money you lost.
First BaseThe players who sit to the left of the dealer are at First Base, and they always get the first hand.
Five LinerA classic slot machine with 5 paylines instead of 1. Usually, there are three horizontal lines and two diagonal lines.
Five Number BetA “numbers bet” is a bet on the 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 on an American roulette wheel. When the odds are so bad, it’s hard to say that this is a good bet.
Flat BetPlayers make flat bets when they bet the same amount of money on each hand.
FlopThe first three cards that the dealer puts on the table face up. After the first round of placing bets, this step is taken. When the flop is done, there will be another round of betting.
FoldWhen a player quits a round and loses the money they put in the pot.
FoulThe dealer says that this hand can’t be played in this round. If a player has a bad hand, they can’t win any of the pot for that round.
Four number betAs in American Roulette, this bet includes all three zeros (0, 1, and 3) on a European Roulette wheel. This has a return of 8:1.
Free CardA player gets a free card when they don’t have to make another bet before the dealer plays the next card during the action round.
Free oddsThe bets that can be made or laid on the Pass/Come or Don’t Pass/Don’t Come are called odds. These are paid out at real parity.
Free SpinsWhen playing slots, a free spins bonus is one of the most common types of in-game rewards. Scatter symbols can start bonus rounds, which give you free spins with wins based on how much you bet before. As part of their welcome package for new players, some online casinos offer an extra bonus.
Free-to-PlayWhen you go to a real-life casino, you might be able to try out slot machines for free. This is called “free play.” Online casinos are more likely than brick-and-mortar casinos to offer free slot machine demos.
French RouletteYou can play European Roulette with La Partage and En Prison.


Table of all casino-related words starting with G.

Casino TermDefinition
Gamble FeatureMany people in the United Kingdom call slot machines “slots.” It looks like the fruit symbols that were on almost all slot machines in the 1920s.
Georgeto put a lot of money on another player. Can also be made into a good tipper.
Green Chip$25 chip.
Green PocketsThose are the numbers 0 and 2 on the roulette wheel.


Table of all casino-related words starting with H.

Casino TermDefinition
Hammer a MachineRepetition is when you play the same slot machine again and again to try to win a progressive jackpot or get on a winning streak.
HandThe cards that are given to each player in one round of Baccarat.
Hard HandIn blackjack, a hand that doesn’t have an Ace is called a “Hard Hand” because it can only add up to. When you have a 10 and a 7, you have a Hard 17, and when you have a 10, 5, and an Ace, you have a Hard 16.
Hard TotalIn blackjack, a “Hard Total” is the sum of any number of cards in a hand when Aces are counted as 1.
Hard WayIn craps, you can only bet on the numbers 4, 6, 8, or 10, and you only win if two dice show the same number.
Hi-Lo (High-Low)Hi- Lo is a system for keeping track of cards that is thought to be one of the best. It uses the basic idea of card counting by giving each card in the deck a negative, positive, or 0 point value. It can also mean a single bet on two or twelve rolls.
Hi-Lo-YoTwo, 11, or 12 on one roll is a bet.
High CardIf there are no matches during a round, the winner is the card with the highest point value. If two players have the same high card, they will talk about their next highest card.
High or LowA bet that pays even money on either all low numbers (1–18) or all high numbers (19–36). (19-36). (Even chances)
High Point CrapsCraps with an interesting twist: the numbers 2 and 3 don’t matter at all.
Hit 17 (H17)In blackjack, this is a rule that says the dealer must hit when they have a soft 17.
Hit and RunThis is a strategy that slot players often use in real-life casinos. You only need a few spins on a slot machine to decide if it’s worth your time.
Hit FrequencyIn slots, the hit rate shows you how frequently you’ll be fortunate. Low hot frequency games pay out more often but less each win. Variation-proof and difficult to judge.
Hold PercentageReturn to player rate is the inverse. Casinos keep a share of slot wagers. This is the home’s perimeter.
Hole CardsEach player’s hole cards are face-down.
HopperA container for slot-machine money. Older machines still utilize it, though.
Hot 3A side wager in Evolution’s Infinite Blackjack akin to Lucky Lucky, where the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card win 19 or 21.
Hot SlotsGames with fast rewards. Each game’s random number generator (RNG) is preprogrammed to give a certain percentage of victories. Many online poker players no longer consider finding hot slots a feasible strategy.
HouseThe House is the hosting casino.
House EdgeThe house edge in casino games is the casino’s expected advantage. Blackjack’s house edge is about 1%.


Table of all casino-related words starting with I.

Casino TermDefinition
i-SlotSave and resume slot games let you to save your progress and continue playing later.
IndexIndex refers to the integers in the Stand 17 or Hit 17 Deviations table used to decide if a player should vary from basic strategy. If True count equals Index, deviate.
Inside betInside Roulette bets are on the wheel’s numbers. Low odds yet large payoff.
Inside numberPassage mentions four digits.
Instant WinnerThis is a lump-sum jackpot. An annuity winner is paid gradually.
InsuranceOnly available when the dealer holds an Ace. Getting Blackjack pays 2:1.
Insurance CorrelationInsurance Correlation relates a strategy’s card tag values to insurance card values.


Table of all casino-related words starting with J.

Casino TermDefinition
Jackpot“Hitting the jackpot” means winning a large sum of money while playing.


Table of all casino-related words starting with K.

Casino TermDefinition
KickerThe hole card used to break a tie. The player with the higher hole card wins if both players have a pair of Aces.


Table of all casino-related words starting with L.

Casino TermDefinition
Late SurrenderLate surrenders are made after the dealer checks for blackjack. No more decisions can be made at the expense of half the initial shareholding.
Lay BetA lay bet is a type of craps bet in which a player bets that a seven will be rolled before the point is reached.
LayoutEach Baccarat table has a particular arrangement with boxes where players can wager on the Player, Banker, or Tie.
LevelThe quantity of card values is a strategy level. Level 2 and 3 counting procedures are more effective but more demanding. 4&5 are other level counting techniques.
LeverOld-school slots had levers, not ‘Spin’ buttons. In most video slots, they’re only a button without mechanical parts.
Lightning RouletteIn a unique twist on roulette, players may increase their gains. Randomly produced Lucky Numbers and Lucky Payouts increase players’ chances of winning (multipliers of 50x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x and 500x)
LimpA player announces the round’s minimum bet.
LineYou can check out the pay stub.
Line BetPer-payline bet. In a 10-payline slot, a $10 stake equals $1 per line.
Linked Progressive JackpotMulti-casino progressive jackpot slot network. As more individuals play progressive slots, the jackpot climbs.
Loose SlotSlots terminology for a high-paying game. Hot slots-like.
Loss BetAny wager against the banker is a losing bet since it increases the house edge.
Low Limit CrapsHelp people play dice and bet what they can afford.
Lucky LuckyBlackjack side wager using player’s first two cards and dealer’s up card. Using these three cards, you may make winning combinations like suited 7s to 19 with varied rewards.


Table of all casino-related words starting with M.

Casino TermDefinition
MarkerCroupier’s mechanism for marking the winning number after each spin.
Martingale systemAfter a loss, this method doubles your wager.
Maximum BetMaximum stake on a slot machine, utilizing all coins and paylines. Slot strategy recommends playing all paylines.
MegabucksThe largest land-based progressive jackpot network in Las Vegas. Mega Moolah has the biggest online win, whereas Megabucks slots have the biggest land-based jackpots.
MonkeyA Monkey card has a value of 10.
MuckAll used cards, including folded hands, go here.
MuckerThis is the discard pile, where all used cards, including folded hands, are dumped.
Multi-deckMost blackjack games utilize 6 to 8 cards.
Multi-LineMulti-payline slots. Video slots have numerous paylines. You can determine how many active lines are fixed or configurable.
Multi-WayIn multi-way slots, it doesn’t matter which direction your winning symbols line up. Multi-way rewards might improve your odds.
MultiplierThis symbol boosts any winning payline. Possible multiple multiplier signs. Some slots contain them in the normal game, while others just in bonus rounds. Here’s more info.


Table of all casino-related words starting with N.

Casino TermDefinition
N0N-0 blackjack rounds are needed to overcome 2/3 of the volatility and be one standard deviation ahead.
Natural (Baccarat)When the initial two Baccarat cards total eight or nine, it’s a natural hand. A natural eight terminates the round, while a natural nine is the best hand in Baccarat.
NaturalCome out rolls 7 or 11.
Natural (21) (Blackjack)A ‘Natural 21’ is a Blackjack hand that pays 3:2.
NDASSome players no-double after split (NDAS).
Negative ProgressionThe Martingale and Fibonacci systems raise bets following losses.
New York CrapsBank Craps in the Eastern U.S., The Bahamas, and England has a double-end dealer table and structure.
NinaBet on a nine
No LimitWhen participants can bet whichever much they want.
NRSANo resplit Aces


Table of all casino-related words starting with O.

Casino TermDefinition
Odd or EvenOdd-even wager (1:1)
OffA lammer or marker puck is used to signify an inactive craps player.
Off-SuitedA player gets two different-suited cards.
OmahaA poker version using four face-down cards and five community cards. Players use two face-down cards and three communal cards to construct the greatest hand possible.
One-Armed BanditPast’s slots. This means lever-operated slots.
OrphansSix, 34, and 17 are probable wheel bets.
OutOuts is the amount of cards left in the deck that can assist a player go “nuts.”
Outside betNon-inside bet.
Outside number4/5/9/10 bet
Over-PairWhen a player’s pocket pair beats all community cards.
OvercardA hole card that beats all communal cards.


Table of all casino-related words starting with P.

Casino TermDefinition
PaintFace-card slang
PairEqual-value two-card hand. Gameplay allows splitting pairs.
PaletteCroupiers use a wooden palette to move cards during a land-based Baccarat game.
ParlayParlay your craps earnings on the following bet.
PassBaccarat winners pass.
Pay OffWhen a player calls the last bet even though they don’t have the greatest hand.
PayoutIt’s the prize money you get if you hit the jackpot.
PaytableThis is a payout table. See how much you can earn by matching symbols.
Penny SlotsLow-bet land machines, in this case cents. If there’s more than one payline, you’ll nearly always need to wager more than a cent.
Perfect Pair‘Any Pair’ is a blackjack side bet. This utilizes the player’s two beginning cards and loses if no pair is provided. If a pair is present, several rewards are given, starting with a Mixed Pair (same value, different color) and ending with a Perfect Pair (two identical cards).
Perfect PlayPerfect Play is when players follow a blackjack strategy.
Pink ChipA $2.50 chip.
Pit (Blackjack)Blackjack players sit in the pit.
PitMost casinos include a VIP or high-roller area for Baccarat.
Place BetDice wager on a roll before a seven.
Play the BoardWhen a player decides to use the communal cards on the table because their hand is lower.
Player BetWhen a player decides to use the communal cards on the table because their hand is lower.
Player PairA side wager in blackjack that pays out based on the type of pair.
PloppyFrank Scoblete created the nickname “Ploppy” for a bad blackjack player.
PocketsThe roulette wheel’s landing zones.
PointIf a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 is rolled on the initial roll, the shooter must make a point.
PokiesSlots in Australia.
Positive ProgressionPositive Progression increases bets following a win. This maximizes earnings during winning streaks and reduces losses during cold spells.
PotThe number of chips/tokens gambled. Total bets determine the pot.
Pot LimitWhen a game’s maximum bet equals the pot.
Pre FlopPre-flop betting round.
Primary JackpotThis is the maximum slot win.
Progressive JackpotProgressive jackpots aren’t fixed. Progressive jackpot slots’ main game RTP is frequently lower since each wager builds a progressive reward. Linked slots contribute to a progressive jackpot, the greatest reward in slot gaming.
Prop BetsProps are single-roll wagers. Next roll determines your fate.
PuntoPunto is a player’s name derived from punter.
Purple/Barney ChipA $500 chip.
PushA ‘Push’ occurs when the player and dealer have identical hands. The player’s bet may be returned.


Table of all casino-related words starting with Q.

Casino TermDefinition
Quarter betCorner Bet-like.


Table of all casino-related words starting with R.

Casino TermDefinition
RailroadRailroad is a straight translation of Chemin de Fer Baccarat. It’s named Chemmy.
RaiseIncreases the prior bet.
Random Number Generator (RNG)A slot game’s algorithm that predicts winning combinations. In contemporary video slots, random numbers link to winning symbols. You can only win if you press the spin button at the right time.
Red BetA 1-1 even-money outside bet.
Red ChipA $5 chip.
Red or BlackRed and black, except the green zero, on a roulette wheel. (1:1)
ReelsThe symbols are on revolving drums. Most current slots feature 3 or 5 reels.
ResplitA divided hand can be resplit.
Reverse MartingaleEvery loss doubles your bet, and every victory halves it.
Right BettorPass-line bettors are alluded to here.
Risk of RuinRisk of ruin is the probability of losing a whole bankroll.
RiverPost-turn community card. Dealer’s final community card. The “showdown” follows another round of betting.
Roulette ChipThe game’s currency is chips. Unmarked, single-denomination bills are common.
RoundWhen a player bets on blackjack, there are no cards on the table. When all hands are played and bets are paid, the round concludes.
RowsHorizontal slot screen symbols. Slot games focus on paylines, not rows.
RSAResplit Aces (RSA)
RunA ‘Run’ side bet wagers on a series of hands.
Running CountRunning count is the overall count at any given time, positive or negative. This is how the real count is calculated.


Table of all casino-related words starting with S.

Casino TermDefinition
Scatter SymbolPopular scatter slots are in many new games. “Scatter” symbols are paytable bonuses (scatter icons).
Seven OutThe craps shooter rolls a seven after establishing the point. This prevents further shooting.
SharkPoker pro.
ShillsLand-based casino shills promote Baccarat to customers.
ShoeA blackjack shoe is a box from which cards are dealt.
ShooterHe rolls dice. Shooter must put a line bet to roll dice. Shooter is the bank’s nickname.
Showdown / Heads UpAfter the river’s final round of betting. Players showing their hands will decide the round’s winner(s).
Shuffle UpBefore a game, dealers shuffle the cards.
Side BetSide bets are separate from the primary stake in blackjack. First, a player must place their principal stake. Side bets are independent of the primary stake, therefore players can still win at blackjack.
Side CardKickers are side cards. This card helps break ties in rounds.
Side CountAdvanced players utilize a side count to determine how many Aces have been drawn. When betting and playing accuracy diverge, do this. Side count strategies include special-purpose counts for games with non-standard profitable-play alternatives like an over/under side bet.
Simplified CrapsCraps without side bets.
Single number betStraight bet pays 35:1.
Six Card CharlieSame as ‘Charlie’.
Six Line Bet5-to-1 6-number bet
SkillPassing a’skill’ or ‘funny’ during Baccarat indicates a solid run.
Skill BonusSome slot bonuses require a certain amount of skill, like a shooting game. This is rare because most slots are public.
Slot ClubIt’s a casino incentive for recurring clients dubbed “players club.” Most Las Vegas casinos have a slot club or something similar. Most casinos give a card to monitor profits and bonus points.
Slot HostA casino employee that helps clients with memberships and benefits.
Slot tournamentSlots-based chance game. Our guide to playing slots lists slot tournament types and regulations.
Small BlindLeft of the dealer’s bet. The “button” controls blinds.
Snake EyesCraps snake eyes are two ones or twos.
Soft HandSoft hands count an Ace as 11, like a soft 17 with an Ace and a 6.
Soft TotalA ‘Soft Total’ occurs when the Ace is utilized as an 11 and the total does not reach 21.
SpinPressing the spin button spins the slots. The button replaced the lever on classic slots.
SplitA blackjack player can play a pair as is or divide it. If they split, they get a fresh card for each hand and must stake the same amount as before.
Split BetBet on neighboring numbers. 17:1 odds.
Square betSimilar to the Corner Bet.
Stacked SymbolsOnline slots now feature them. Symbols are piled on a single reel. Stacking symbols improves winning chances.
Stacked WildsStacking wild symbols is like stacking symbols. Stacking wilds may boost many paylines, which is tempting.
StandWhen a player rises, the dealer stops dealing.
Stand 17 (S17)In blackjack, the dealer stands on soft 17.
Stand OffWhen a player and dealer have the identical hand, a standoff occurs. Pushing ensues.
Standard DeviationStandard Deviation measures how scattered the statistics are and determines how far or often a result will differ from the average.
Standing HandA standing hand is 17 or more, hence the player should stand.
StandoffIn a tie or standoff, the Player and Banker hold equal-valued hands.
StickmanThe person who hands the dice back to the shooter and announces the roll. Stickman places and pays proposition bets.
Stiff HandA ‘Stiff Hand’ has a value between 12 and 16.
Straight (up) BetAn all-or-nothing wager pays 35:1.
Streaky SlotsVariable-success slots Modern RNG software makes streaky slots rare.
Street BetA street is a collection of roulette numbers. 8 percent of this 11:1 bet will win.
SurrenderThose who couldn’t beat the dealer can forfeit half their bet.
SymbolsSlot symbols. Slots’ aesthetic attractiveness and gameplay are both important. Video slots have odd symbols.


Table of all casino-related words starting with T.

Casino TermDefinition
Table of PlayBaccarat uses a Table of Play to indicate which scores enable a third card.
Taking the OddsCraps odds bets include taking odds.
Texas Hold’EmCasino poker’s most popular version. Each player gets two hole cards and the dealer shows five community cards. Players must use both hole cards to make the best hand.
The Field BetCraps bets include 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12.
Three-LinerA 3-wheel slot that requires 3-matching symbols to win.
TieSame as ‘Stand Off’ Baccarat’s third bet is the Tie Bet. Without a tie bet, a tied hand is a push. This bet offers the largest house edge and best payoff.
Tight SlotsCold slots and hot slots both feature low payouts and losing streaks.
TiltWhen a player’s emotions and bad judgment cause them to play poorly.
TokeCasino players can tip or smoke. Not required, although it happens after major wins.
Top 321+3 side bet in blackjack. The player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card form a three-card poker hand.
Total BetYour gaming money.
TrailSlots have this feature. The player unlocks additional prizes as the game proceeds.
Trio BetStreet Bet-like.
True CountTrue Count is obtained by dividing running count by remaining decks.
Tumbling ReelsReels cascade.
TurnFourth dealer-faced community card. This round precedes the “river.” After the “turn,” betting resumes.


Table of all casino-related words starting with U.

Casino TermDefinition
UnderdogProbability’s worst hand.
UpcardFace-up Baccarat card.


Table of all casino-related words starting with V.

Casino TermDefinition
VarianceVolatility’s synonym. Blackjack variance is the discrepancy between predicted and actual advantage.
VarianceVolatility is referred to as this.
Video PokerRNG-based automated poker game.
VigorishThe casino takes a commission, or vigorish, from a successful baccarat stake.
Virtual ReelCurrent slots use virtual reels, not mechanical ones. This increases combinations and rewards.
VolatilitySlot games can have high, medium, or low volatility, or variance. Low-volatility slots are low-risk since they pay out often but pay less. High-volatility slots are therefore riskier. Slot volatility is explained on our website.


Table of all casino-related words starting with W.

Casino TermDefinition
WagerBet carefully.
WhaleWhales are high-limit blackjack players.
WheelA horizontal wheel with 37 or 38 colored and numbered slots.
Wide Area Progressive (WAP)WAP jackpot slots are part of a network of slots linked in a single jackpot pot. Most online progressive jackpot slots are WAP.
Wild MultiplierOne wild card and multiplier.
Wild SymbolA joker may replace any slot symbol. It can replace a missing symbol on a payline. Wilds help players make winning combinations.
WinCasino wins are conceivable. This can include matching symbols on a payline in slots, a specified card sequence in card games, or any other rule-mandated event.
Win markerMatching symbols on a payline, a card sequence, or another rule-mandated event.
Win-Both-Ways“Multi-way slots” offer numerous chances to win.
WongingBackcounting and only betting when you have the edge is wrong in blackjack.


Table of all casino-related words starting with Y.

Casino TermDefinition
Yellow/Orange/Pumpkin ChipA $1,000 chip.
YoYo-Eleven is craps slang for 11 to differentiate it from 7.


Table of all casino-related words starting with Z.

Casino TermDefinition
Zig-ZagVideo slots offer more paylines than ordinary slots. Consequently, paylines zigzag.

Find the term you are looking for the game type you want to play

Baccarat terminology

Playing online baccarat is one of the most enjoyable pastimes. You’ll need to know some of the casino jargon if you want to play this popular Asian game.

Chemin De FerPopular Baccarat variant
Dragon BonusA winning one if a chosen hand wins by at least four points.
La GrandeNatural Baccarat totaling nine.
La PetiteNatural Baccarat, totaling eight.
MonkeyA slang used for a face card or a ten
Punto en BlancoPunto Banco is one of the most widespread Baccarat variations

Blackjack terminology

Blackjack is a game that is played in casinos all over the US. Here is a list of words and phrases that are used in blackjack.

10 Count StrategyThe 10-count technique counts the probability of getting a 10-value card in blackjack. Higher counts increase the possibility of getting a 10.
Balanced CountIn a balanced count, the sum of negative and positive cards is equal. A balanced count is zero at the conclusion of a complete deck.
Big PlayerThe Enormous Player makes big wagers when card counting is advantageous. Spotters call them.
Camouflage PlaySome good players seek to mask their professional approach by making blunders.
No Hole CardIn European casinos, the dealer’s second card isn’t drawn until after the players play.
Negative ProgressionNegative Progression increases bets after a loss. This helps recover losses and earn tiny profits consistently.
Third BaseThe third Base player acts last before the dealer in blackjack.

Craps terminology

When it comes to high-octane casino activity, the craps table is hard to beat. Using some of the craps terminology listed below is an excellent way to demonstrate your expertise.

Ballerina SpecialDouble twos roll a Ballerina Special.
Barber PoleCraps players place chips of different values in a Barber Pole.
Center FieldIn craps, nine is the centerfield since it’s in the middle of the table.
Die Rich CrapsDie Rich Craps is a single-die version with fewer betting opportunities.
Duker or DukeHigh-rollers may make craps tables more exciting. Duke or Duker happens when more than one high-betting player is present at the table and dealers use four or five chip denominations.
Horn BetNext dice roll: 2, 3, 11, or 12.
Monster RollMonster rolls are long and everyone wins a lot of money.

Dice terminology

  • Craps is just one of many games used by dice since ancient times. Here’s what else you need to know about basic Dice terminology:
DoubleWhen a player rolls two dice that land showing the same value, this is known as a Double.
SumThe aggregated results of multiple rolled dice.
SideAlso the name given to any facet of a die.
HeadThe number displayed on the top side when the die is resting.
FootThe number on the bottom of the die that can’t be seen when resting.
CockedWhen a die is displaying an indeterminate result, usually because it has landed on an uneven surface, this is known as a Crocked roll.
RollA Roll is the action of throwing the die during a game, usually performed with the hands.
PipThe small inked holes on the side of traditional dice are known as the Pips and indicate a die’s facet’s value.

Game Shows terminology

  • Game shows have taken the iGaming industry by storm in recent years. Get up to speed with all the useful lingo of this fast-growing segment so that you don’t get left in the dark:
HostYour affable hosts will conduct Game Shoes before your very eyes and even converse in conversation if they’re feeling talkative.
WheelWheels, like the one used in Evolution‘s Dream Catcher, are central to many Game Shows. They bring lucrative multipliers to proceedings while also offering the chance to trigger additional bonus extras.
StreamingGame Shows rely on cutting-edge streaming technology to broadcast games in real-time to players located all over the world.
TV ShowYou’ll find many Game Shows take inspiration from their small-screen counterparts, transporting players straight to the hot seat and allowing them to experience the rush of big money prizes for themselves.

Poker terminology

  • Finding your rhythm in poker will be easier with a good grasp of all the key terms – and that’s not a bluff. Here are some more poker-related online casino terminology.
BackdoorWhen a player makes a hand with the last two cards dealt. This play is often unintentional.
CounterfeitCounterfeiting is when a player’s hand isn’t improved by the community cards, making it more difficult for them to hold the best hand in the round.
OutrunOutrun or outdraw refers to when a player draws a better hand than their opponent(s).
RakebackWhen a percentage of the rake is returned to the player, usually via a promotional offer from the casino.
Under the GunThis is the person that is first to act in the round of wagering.

Poker terminology

Poker is simpler to get into if you understand all of the terminologies used in the game — and that’s not a bluff. Here are some more poker-related terms from online casinos.

BackdoorA player’s last two cards create a hand. Often unintended.
CounterfeitCounterfeiting occurs when a player’s hand isn’t enhanced by the community cards, making it harder to have the best hand.
OutrunOutdraw refers to drawing a better hand than an opponent (s).
RakebackWhen the casino returns a percentage of the rake to the gambler.
Under the GunFirst to act in a betting round.

Roulette terminology

Roulette games may be both simple and rewarding in some versions. That’s why we’ve included some of the most important roulette jargon in this guide.

La partageAll even-money bets are split in half and half your original stake is returned if the ball lands. Even-money bets carry a 1.3% house edge.
En PrisonFrench roulette limited even-money bets. When a zero is hit, some online casinos let players take half their bet or “imprisone” it for another spin. The stake is lost if the following spin is a zero.
Bottom TrackInner roulette ring. Roulette ball moves down bottom track before reaching wheel head.
Double up systemMartingale doubles bets following losses.
The James Bond strategyThree bets cover 67% of possible roulette outcomes.
Visual Wheel TrackingMeasuring a roulette wheel’s spin speed and properties to predict where it will fall

Slots terminology

Numerous online casino companies consistently include video slot machines in their offerings. In the following table from the casino vocabulary, we examine some of the less common terminology that are associated with slot machines.

Reel StopObserve the skill halt.
Skill StopSome slots contain a “reel stop” button to cancel a spin before the reels have started.
Slant TopA very new land-based position. It saves space and lets users immerse themselves in games, therefore it’s a worldwide craze.
Collect ButtonUsing this option in online slots, you can exchange your virtual currency for real money.
Short WinA slang term for a significant win that happens quickly. The jackpot would be short-lived if you won it in a few spins.
Sound of RainWhen you hit a win on ancient land-based slots, the sound of rain’ was the satisfying clinking of coins as they fell. That used to be a popular sound for those who played slots, but those machines are becoming increasingly scarce.
AWPClassic slots featuring fruit symbols are referred to as ‘Amusement with Prizes’
Fixed Value SlotsSlots in which the total wager is fixed and you cannot adjust the quantity or denomination of coins bet.

Learning the Casino Lingo

You should get familiar with as much game-specific lingo as you can if you want to have the best experience possible at an online casino. Being well-versed in the terminology of the casino industry gives you more than just the right to brag about your knowledge; it also gives you the confidence to play like a pro and perhaps win large rewards.

New Jersey’s online casinos provide players several options. How do you choose between many casinos? helps you decide.