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Online Poker Guide - New Jersey

Learn how to play poker online and find the best online casinos for poker with our expert guides. 

Find the Best Online Poker Sites in New Jersey

Legal online poker has seen a jump in popularity since its legalization in the US. With more competition comes higher quality. Right now online poker players can find the best online poker sites for US players right here in New Jersey.

There are currently seven legal online poker sites in New Jersey operating under four NJ poker networks. These poker sites are licensed through Atlantic City’s land-based casino licenses.

State-regulated online poker sites do not require players to be residents of New Jersey, however, one must be present within state lines in order to legally play. New Jersey's online poker sites have mobile gaming apps that allow users to play poker on the go within New Jersey state borders. 

Online poker rooms in the state of New Jersey include:

  • Borgata
  • PartyPoker
  • PokerStars
  • 888Poker
  • Pala Poker
  • BetMGM Poker

Borgata operates PartyPoker, BetMGM, and Borgata. Pala Poker also operates under Borgata however the two do not share liquidity, as Pala Poker operates as a standalone site.

Harrah's holds the license for and 888Poker.

PokerStars holds a partnership with Resorts AC.

Online poker sites noticed a drop in online gambling traffic once PokerStars entered the market. As a result, online poker players have noticed better promotions, more poker events and an increase in game quality and options.

Video Poker Strategy

All casino games involve an element of luck, but poker also involves a significant amount of strategy. That's why you always see the same players at the finals in the poker tournaments: they have good strategy. Let's look at some of the best strategies to get you winning video poker!

Know your Winning Hands

One of the most important aspects of winning in poker is to be sure that you know the order of winnings hands for the game you're playing. You need to be sure that you know what you're working toward and the likelihood of others being able to beat your best hand.

For example, Straights beats 3 of a Kind and 3 of a Kind beats two pair in Texas Holdem and Jacks or Better, which might be against your initial thought. There've been many games won based on the high card alone, so you can turn a nothing hand into a winner if you know your winnings. 

Know Your Position

It is crucial to know the advantages you have based on your position at the table. If you're playing in the late position, you stand to make more money here, so pay to win.

When you’re out of position, you don’t know what’s will happen after your play—you might get bluffed or raised. Many bad things could happen. In short, if when you’re out of position, stay on your toes and keep your guard up. Generally this is the time to play tight and rely only on strong hands. 

While there's some debate among expert players and staticians, they all agree on the first 3 strongest hands to start with:

  1. AA
  2. KK
  3. QQ

Most would put A-K suited next. After that, your highest pairs enter in again to make your strongest beginning hands:

  • JJ
  • 10 10 
  • 9 9

 Even if you're out of position, these are going to be strong hands. Being in position with a strong hand just makes it stronger!

Come Out Strong

One of the primary ways players lose games that they could have won is by not playing aggressively enough. Many players are good at playing defensively, and if you're out of position, that's the right way to play. But if you're in position, i.e., at the back end and close to the button, you need to be on the offense. 

You might also want to keep in mind this word of advice: "If it’s good enough to call, it’s good enough to raise."

Hang Tight

Many poker players, particularly new players, want to stay in the action. Unfortunately staying in can be expensive if you're not playing smart.

In reality, you should only be playing no more than 20% of your hands. That means you should not play at least 80% of your hands. 

If your a beginner, and don't have a limitless supply of money, you should be playing tight. That means only play your best hands. If you start out with one of those big pocket pairs (10-10 - AA), then by all means try to play it through. But if you're dealt a weak hand, you're better off to fold and watch the action.

Watching is Learning to Win

But just because you're out of the action, that doesn't mean you can switch off. Be sure that you're actively watching: assess what's happening on the table, put yourself in other players' shoes, try to determine the weaker and stronger players, and keep in mind how your hand might have played out had you continued. 

Learning poker even after you've folded is a valuable exercise. It gets you more familiar with your table and poker in general. 

Best Online Poker Sites


PokerStars has an interesting history in the US iGaming market. In 2012, the company was charged a $731 million fee for violating the UIGEA. PokerStars was eager however to re-enter the online gambling market in America and step into New Jersey - despite competitors’ strong efforts at keeping the company away from their market. PokerStars pushed against competitors and battled lawsuits for a long time until they finally announced a $10 million plan with Resorts AC. Resorts would launch a PokerStars-branded poker room on their casino floor.

Since the launch of PokerStars in New Jersey, Resorts AC has hosted poker events like the PokerStars festival, bringing tons of players to the tables. There are popular online tournaments as well including the well-known PokerStars NJCOOP. Taking it a step further, PokerStars even sponsors some of the US poker pros who stream online constantly.

PokerStars Casino $ 1,500 bonus and 2020 free spins.

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WSOP / 888Poker

This poker room is one of the most recognized brands. The World Series of Poker (WSOP NJ) launched in 2013 and since has been one of New Jersey’s best online poker sites. partnered with 888poker in 2015 to create the current network, which is operated by Caesars.

After Gov. Chris Christie signed an agreement with Nevada and Delaware to enter New Jersey into the Multi-State Gaming Alliance, the network began pooling with other states. Soon the site became America’s largest legal online poker site.

888 Poker $ 20 signup bonus + $ 1,500 no wagering bonus.

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Party Poker / Borgata

These sites operate from the same online poker network under Borgata’s well-known Atlantic City casino. With high-quality software provided by, the platform is a safe and reliable place for players to participate in legal online poker games.

partypoker $ 25 signup bonus + $ 1,000 no wagering bonus.

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Pala Poker

This online poker network still has some distance to cover before it can catch up to its NJ online poker competition. The saturated legal online poker market is a tough place to be for online poker sites.

A partnership with Pala Interactive and Borgata Casino AC took place in 2014. This led to an online casino and later to online poker. The site remained separate from Borgata’s online poker site, operating on a proprietary platform. $ 25 signup bonus + $ 500 bonus.

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BetMGM Poker

This site launched under Borgata’s casino license in 2017 with software provided by well-known iGaming provider GVC. BetMGM Poker caters to about a third of New Jersey’s online poker traffic, sharing tournaments, games, bonuses, and rewards with other sites on this network.

BetMGM $ 25 signup bonus + $ 1,000 no wagering bonus.

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Legal Online Poker

The Federal Wire Act - also known as the Interstate Wire Act of 1961 - limited online gambling in the past by preventing betting companies from transmitting information via wire communication. This law was passed to target organized crime through interstate gambling. However, at the time of its birth, online gambling did not exist.

Today, the internet relies on interstate wire communication to function, therefore this law had some jurisdiction over online gambling.

In 2006, The US Department of Justice (DOJ) went even further and passed the Unlawful Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), which restricted banks from processing transactions from online gambling operators outside of the US. This law effectively pushed out major online gambling companies through threats of money laundering and illegal gambling charges. Many of the best online poker sites for US players were pushed out of the country because of this legislation - including PokerStars, a prominent name in the industry.

Later the DOJ released a re-modification of the Federal Wire Act, hence stating that interstate transmission of wire communication which had no relation to sports betting, would not pertain to this law. This new version of the Federal Wire Act, passed in 2011, excluded online poker from its limitations, therefore making it possible for states to pass their own legislation regarding the activity.

Online Poker Makes a Comeback

Online poker sites successfully found ways to weave around the complicated roadblocks dealt out by the UIGEA. Once the new Federal Wire Act passed in 2011, several states moved forward with online poker legislation. It is now legal in these states to participate in regulated, legal online poker. Three states even signed agreements to work together, sharing online gambling pools.

In order to move forward with legal online poker, states were required to come up with new legislation. Delaware came first with the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act. This was passed in 2012, allowing for the legalization of online casino games, including online poker.

Nevada took the next step in 2013, authorizing online poker licenses. The first regulated, legal online poker site in the US was launched that same year in Nevada.

New Jersey legalized online gambling soon after, authorizing its land-based Atlantic City casinos to operate online poker sites under their licenses.

In 2017, Pennsylvania took the reigns and began its process of regulatory matter in order to become the fourth state legalizing online poker.

Online gamblers can now participate in legal online poker in several US states.